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Chrono's skills are all based on the ability to manipulate time, he is an extremely devastating end game hero, due to his unblockable ultimate. He is an easy hero to play as many of his skills provide top end survival skills ( e.g Time Leap). Nevertheless, the positioning, timing and coordination of his ultimate, plays a very important role which can turn the tides of battle.


Attack Type=Melee
Attack Damage=58-65
Attack Range=128



Strength per level=1.4
Agility per level=2.65
Intelligence per level=1.5



Chronos teleports himself through space
and time to a target location. Any nearby
enemies are slowed.

Level 1 : Range 700, 10% Movement slow for 3 seconds
Level 2 : Range 900, 20% Movement slow for 3 seconds
Level 3 : Range 1100,30% Movement slow for 3 seconds
Level 4 : Range 1300, 40% Movement slow for 3 seconds
Mana cost: 120
Cooldown: 13 seconds

Note: A very useful survival and pursuing/killing skill, a must have, at least level 1. Use this ability by clicking icon and selecting target location, it works as a blinking mechanism (Magebane flash, Wretched Hag)


Chronos steps back through time when damaged,
giving him a chance to avoid the damage entirely.

Level 1 : 10% chance to avoid incoming damage
Level 2 : 15% chance to avoid incoming damage
Level 3 : 20% chance to avoid incoming damage
Level 4 : 25% chance to avoid incoming damage
Mana cost: n/a
Cooldown: 2 seconds

Note: MOST POWERFUL DODGE skill in game, able to dodge any attack or spell, including ultimate's.

Time Freeze
time freeze

Gives Chronos a chance to deal additional damage
and briefly freeze a unit in time with each attack.

Level 1 : 10% chance to deal 40 magic damage and stun for 1 second
Level 2 : 15% chance to deal 50 magic damage and stun for 1 second
Level 3 : 20% chance to deal 60 magic damage and stun for 1 second
Level 4 : 25% chance to deal 70 magic damage and stun for 1 second
Mana cost: n/a
Cooldown: 1.5 seconds

Note: Stuns the opponent for 1 seconds, at first i thought it was impossible to permanently stun lock someone, however with alot of testing,  it shows that it is possible, not sure how it works, BUT it is possible to stun lock one guy.



Chronos creates a field of energy that exists outside of time.
All units caught inside the field are frozen, incapable of any
actions. Chronos is immune to the rift’s effects and may move freely.

Level 1 :  Range 500 lasts for 3 seconds
Level 2 :  Range 550 lasts for 4 seconds
Level 3 :  Range 600 lasts for 5 seconds
Mana Cost: 150/175/200
Cooldown: 120 seconds
Radius: 400

Chronofield is boosted by Staff of the Master

Note: Usually, the best way to perform , this essential ultimate in team fights is to go by surprise. In other words use the skill Time Leap ( Whilst Hidden in bushes) followed by Chronofield Straight away. it is desirable to catch every single enemy hero inside the CF, as it will reveal invisible units and anything caught in it. However you must be careful NOT to catch your teamates as well, Thus it is good to warn your teammates before performing your ultimate. Also, CF can be used in other ways, such as ( EVEN though you may only catch one opponent, if you cast THE SPHERE in front of the enemy, it will make the other enemies unable to get close to you).


Geometer's Bane: I MENTION this item first, cause its quite amazing, don't get it first though. IMAGES CAN WALK AROUND IN YOUR CF (ULTIMATE) ALSO, it stacks with TIME FREEZE ( THEY MAY FIX THIS) OR MAYBE It was Intended, anyways, 3 people makes stun locking INCREDIBLE POWERFUL AND EASY. BASically images can do whatever items you do and passive skills, but cannot use active skills.

Enhanced marchers: great attack speed, moves peed bonus, helps to stun lock.

RiftShard: Crit, massive dammage.

Elder Parasite: Gives bonus attack speed and life STEAL ( MASSIVE ATTACK SPEED AND MOVESPEED BONUS FOR stun lock) esstenial item ( GET THIS ASAP). AT VERY END GAME LEVELS, MIGHT trade for Symbol of RAge. Once you get Elder Parasite, its time to kill. TL in, pop Elder, and hit away, use CF to make it 100 % your kill. Repeat every time ulti cd is up. HF OWNING.


Charged Hammer: might be your second item to get asap, great for farming and killing, complements geometers bane.


Additional ITEMS.

WHOEVER IS SCEAMING WHERES WINGBOW: here it is. i put wing bow in addition items because one, he already has the best dodge skill. two, it doesn't stack with his skill, and three, his attack speed is already insane with the above items.

NULLFIRE BLADE: AGAIN WHOEVER IS SCREAMING, GET THIS ITEM IF JEREZIAH IS IN THE OTHER TEAM. if not do whatever the fuk you want, imo dont get it, but if you are gonna complain, go for it.

Once again For fans of RUNED AXE: here it is, i say don't get it cause charged hammer does the job better in terms of damage attack speed and more.

Anyways, that is all for today folks, get the 6 main items above ( WHICH IS INCREDIBLY RARE), and you can 1v5 if you chronofield all 5 in one go. if you chronofield all 3 in one go still possible to 1v5. this is a proved fact, i have done it. its a solid build. Oh almost forgot.

TO DO IT: FIRST go in with time leap. Then ChronoField, Then POP Geo BANE, then HAPPY killing. FOCUS FIRE or NO FOCUS FIRE. as long as our HITTING heroes units, they will all die.

Skill Allocation

This is again a matter of preference, SOME PLAY ReaLLY defensive, and max TIME LEAP and REWIND without getting TIME FREEZE. BUT once again, i am an offensive player. Killing is my style not surviving. Thus....

Level 1 TL

Level 2 TF

Level 3 TF

Level 4 TL

Level 5 TF

Level 6 CF

Level 7 TF

Level 8 TL

Level 9 R

LEvel 10 R

Level 11 CF

Level 12 R

Level 13 R

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    totally agree with you ! not only for "Chronos" sometimes new things have to come in ... you'll never know what happen if u don't try ! =)

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