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A tower pusher, support and tank hero that plays 3 roles at the same time. Can be considered the most powerful tower pusher in game. Her abilities all support the one main role she is made to do, DESTROY TOWERS. Although her ultimate is mainly used on towers, don't be afraid to sometimes use it on unsuspecting enemy heroes.


Attack Type=Ranged
Attack Damage=39-51
Attack Range=600



Strength per level=1.8
Agility per level=1.4
Intelligence per level=3.0


Wave of Death
wave of death

Exercising her mastery over death,
the Defiler sends forth a Wave of Death
which damages enemies in a line

Level 1 : Deals 100 damage to each target in a line
Level 2 : Deals 175 damage to each target in a line
Level 3 : Deals 225 damage to each target in a line
Level 4 : Deals 350 damage to each target in a line
Mana cost 105/120/140/165
Cooldown 8 seconds

Note: Wave of Death (WOD) = Main farming ability and damaging ability. used to clear creatures in lane so that the ultimate does maximum havoc. This skill should be spammed to last hit, and damage enemy heroes in a lane, the range of this skill is very long and thus it is easy to hit the enemy with it.

Grave Silence
grave silence

The Defiler forces images of slain warriors
into the minds of her foes, commanding a
moment of silence which prevents them
from casting spells or using abilities.

Level 1 : 3 second silence 200 radius
Level 2 : 4 second silence 275 radius
Level 3 : 5 second silence 350 radius
Level 4 : 6 second silence 350 radius
Mana cost 80
Cooldown 14 seconds

Note: Grave Silence (GS) =  AT level 1 this skill provides a 3 second silence that is extremely hard to use ( the radius is only 200), however at level 4 this skill is endlessly useful, for it afflicts enemy heroes with 6 seconds silence and the best part is that its radius makes it extremely easy to silence many enemy heroes at a time. This skill can be a game tide turner, as if all 5 enemy heroes are silenced in one spell. They become virtually useless for 6 seconds. PRACTICE THIS SKILL.

Power in Death
power in death

The Defiler embraces death, increasing
her movement speed and power of her
other spells.

Level 1 : Wave of Death cooldown -1 second/ mana -5,  Grave Silence cooldown -0 second,  Unholy Explusion +1 spirit
Level 2 : Wave of Death cooldown -2 second/mana -10,  Grave Silence cooldown -1 second,   Unholy Explusion +2 spirit
Level 3 : Wave of Death cooldown -3 second /mana -15,  Grave Silence cooldown -2 second,  Unholy Explusion +3 spirit
Level 4 : Wave of Death cooldown -4 second /mana -20,  Grave Silence cooldown -3 second,  Unholy Explusion +4 spirit
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a
Passive Bonuses
+3/6/9/12 Movement speed


Unholy Expulsion
unholy explusion

The Defiler expels several invulnerable spirits from
her form. The spirits may not be directly controlled
but will attack nearby enemies and will attack any
unit that the Defiler directly attacks. When Unholy
Expulsion ends, the spirits will heal the Defiler.

Level 1 : Summons 7 spirits
Level 2 : Summons 11 spirits
Level 3 : Summons 16 spirits
Mana Cost 200/300/400
Cooldown 100 seconds
Upon completion
Spirits heal you for 25% of the damage they dealt. Max 1000 health heal.

Note: Unholy Expulsion (UE) = Hitting random targets is the weakness of this skill, further more the spirits move quite slowly, this is why many of her items aim to reduce enemy movement speed and make them the only target to hit ( by killing the other creeps in lane).

Main Items

Enhanced Marchers or Post Haste =movement speed is important to deal more damage with her UE.

Sacrificial Stone = Provides health/Mana, Health/mana regeneration, overall health and other amazing advantages. Great item for Defiler.

Totem Of Kuldra = making the enemy slower by disabling them, creating more opportunities to deal damage with her ultimate.

Frostwolf's Skull = Additional health/mana also providing a slowing attack.

Additional items

Shrunken Head = Universal item.

Frost Field Plate = additional Armour, slowing ability that deals area of effect damage.

Restoration Orb = Doing the ultimate twice in a row, before the enemy can revive. What more can you want.

Skill Allocation

Level 1 WOD

Level 2 GS ( this skill should be added to level 1 to silence if necessary e.g. ( Glacius ultimate)

Level 3 WOD

Level 4 PID

Level 5 WOD

Level 6 UE

Level 7 WOD

Level 8 PID

Level 9 GS

Level 10 PID

Level 11 UE

Level 12 GS

From here, complete GS and PID and then complete the ultimate, and add rest to stats.

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  • Kaar

    UE doesnt have to hit randomly. the spirits attack whatever you attack. Defiler has the potienal to be the most powerful Hero on any team. Buy tanking gear, pop ult and run into a team fight. Silence first thing and then wave of death while your ult keeps eating everyone up and attack specific heroes as nessary. Dont be a fool and think defiler is just a tower pusher (altho she is great at that)

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