Morph Attack

by [M3]Rodchield on Oct.05, 2009, under Items



Value 2250

Passive Bonuses

+16 Strength

+10 Damage

On Attack Impact

15% Chance to apply crippling wound for 4 seconds


Bolstering Armband: 450

Mightyblade: 1000

Hack recipe: 800



Chance on attack to stun for 1 second

Value 3100

Passive bonuses

+3 Strength

+30 Damage

Cooldown: 2 seconds

On Attack Impact

25% chance for Melee Heroes to deal 25 Physical damage to target and stun for 1.4 second.

10% chance for Ranged Heroes.


Bolstering Armband: 450

Halberd: 1500

Brutalizer recipe: 1150



Chance on attack to cast Chain Lightning

Value 3000

Passive Bonuses

+15 Attack speed

+24 Damage

On Attack

20% Chance to cast chain lightning, dealing 150 Magic damage to your attack target and two

additional nearby enemies.


Gloves of the Swift: 500

Warhammer: 1600

Thunderclaw Recipe: 900



On Attack applies broken armor to target

Value 4400

Passive Bonuses

+60 damage

On Attack Impact

Applies broken armor to target for 5 seconds


Warhammer x2: 1600

Shield breaker recipe: 1200

Broken armor effects

-5 Armor

Hack and Slash

Hack and Slash

Chance on attack to apply Crippled to target

Value 5000

Passive Bonuses

+16 Strength

+16 Agility

+12 Damage

+12% Movementspeed

+15% Attackspeed

On Attack Impact

15% chance to apply Crippled to attack target for 4 seconds.


Slash: 2250

Hack: 2250

Crippled effects

30% Movement speed reduction

-15 Attack speed

Harkon’s Blade

Harkon's Blade

While active changes attack damage type
to Magic at the cost of mana per attack.
Attacks also reduce Magic Armor of the
target temporarily.

Value 5100

Passive Bonuses

+35 Intelligence

+25 Damage

+10 Attack Speed

+150% Mana Regeneration


Attack Toggle: Enemy Units

Type: Attack Magic

Mana cost: 100

Attacks deal Magic damage. Applies
Harkon’s Blade to the attack target for 6

Harkon’s Blade Effects
-5 Magic Armor


Great Arcana: 1675

Acolyte’s Staff: 2700

Harkon’s Blade recipe: 725

FrostWolf’s Skull

Frost Wolf's Skull

On attack, applies Chilled to target.

Value 6150

Passive Bonuses

+25 Strength

+25 Agility

+25 Intelligence

+200 Max health

+150 Max mana

On Attack Impact

Applies Chilled to target for 3 seconds


Blessed Orb x2: 2100

Glowstone: 1200

FrostWolf’s Skull recipe: 750

Chilled effects

30% Movement slow

-20 Attack speed

Symbol of Rage

Symbol of Rage

When activated, applies Symbolic Rage to self.

Value 6150

Passive Bonuses

+25 Strength

+5 Armor



Cooldown 50 seconds

Applies Symbolic rage to self for 3.5 seconds

Symbollic Rage Effects

+20 Damage

+150% Lifesteal


Axe of the Malphai: 3200

Whispering helm: 1850

Symbol of Rage recipe: 1100

Charged Hammer

charged hammer

Chance on attack to cast Chain Lightnig.

Value 5100

Passive Bonuses

+24 Damage

+70 Attack speed


Target Units: Allied Units

Range: 600

Mana cost: 50

Cooldown: 45 seconds

Apply charged up to target for 20 seconds


Thunderclaw: 3250

Warpcleft: 2100

On Attack

20% Chance to cast Chain Lightning,

dealing 150 Magic damage to your attack target

and two additional nearby enemies.

Charged up effects

20% Chance to cast Electric Jolt, dealing 150 Magic damage

to your attack target and two additional nearby enemies.

Can be disassembled

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