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by [M3]Rodchield on Sep.16, 2009, under Guides


Grabbing the attention of the opposition and taking damage for the team, is the main role of this bulky tank. However don’t underestimate his capacity as a damage dealer; his ability to perform Whirling Blade is a very powerful counter attack ability.


Attack Type=Melee
Attack Damage=49-53
Attack Range=125



Strength per level=2.5
Agility per level=2.2
Intelligence per level=1.6



The Legionnaire taunts nearby foes,
forcing them to attack him for a few seconds.
The Legionnaire prepares himself for the attack,
increasing his armor significantly for the duration.

Level 1 : Forces enemies around you to attack you for 1.5 seconds. +5 armor for this duration
Level 2 : Forces enemies around you to attack you for 2.0 seconds. +10 armor for this duration
Level 3 : Forces enemies around you to attack you for 2.5 seconds. +15 armor for this duration
Level 4 : Forces enemies around you to attack you for 3.0 seconds. +20 armor for this duration
Mana cost 80/90/100/110
Cooldown 14 seconds


The Legionnaire terrifies a target foe with a display of mighty rage.
While terrified, the target foe takes damage over time until
he manages to kill a unit, friend or foe, to overcome the terror.
If no unit is killed, the terror will eventually expire naturally.

Level 1 : 15 Damage per second for 10 seconds
Level 2 : 15 Damage per second for 15 seconds
Level 3 : 20 Damage per second for20 seconds
Level 4 : 25 Damage per second for 25 seconds
Mana cost 75/85/95/105
Cooldown 25/20/15/10 seconds
The effect is removed when inflicted kills a unit

Whirling Blade
whirling bkade

The Legionnaire’s skill with a Battle Axe is unrivaled.
Every time he is attacked, he has a small chance to
perform a Whirling Blade maneuver, which damages
all nearby enemies.

Level 1 : 17% chance to deal 100 damage in 300 radius when attacked
Level 2 : 17% chance to deal 125 damage in 300 radius when attacked
Level 3 : 17% chance to deal 150 damage in 300 radius when attacked
Level 4 : 17% chance to deal 175 damage in 300 radius when attacked
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown 0.7/0.65/0.6/0.55 seconds



The Legionnaire performs a mighty attack with
his Battle Axe, attempting to decapitate a target enemy.
If the target is low on Health, this attack will instantly
kill the target.

Level 1 : Instantly kills target if they are below 300 health, else deals 150 damage
Level 2 : Instantly kills target if they are below 450 health, else deals 250 damage
Level 3 : Instantly kills target if they are below 625 health, else deals 300 damage
Mana Cost 120/160/200
Cooldown 75/65/55 seconds

Taunt: Necessary skill in order to make creeps and heroes attack your hero (this is what makes you hero a “tank”). This ability provides additional armour which makes your hero increase its tanking capabilities (note: range on this skill is MEELE RANGE, thus you must get very close before using it).

Terrify: Powerful damage over time (DOT) skill, useful to make heroes get close to you. The main drawback of this skill is that, heroes can nullify its effects by denying or killing a creep/hero. Therefore at high level games, it is very hard to utilise properly as the effects last very short. However, it is useful when enemy heroes are running away with 10-150 health and there are only two choices: that is to either kill a creep (which will be impossible since you are hitting him) or run away so that you can’t hit him.

Whirling Blade (WB): Legionnaire’s main farming, killing and damaging ability. Becomes more and more useful as more units are attacking your hero, thus WB combined with Taunt is extremely necessary (note: WB does 175 AOE damage, don’t underestimate its damage).

Decapitate: Finisher ultimate. Killing anyone below 625 health at this skills max level, no matter what items they are using or skills (Magic immunity, Accursed ultimate, anything), but it needs to be used in MELEE RANGE.

Main Items

Helm of The Black Legion is extremely important for Legionnaire, it makes farming and tanking possible and thus should be one of your first items, Marchers provides higher chance to perform Taunt successfully and so it should be your second item. The third item which is required is, PORTAL KEY this item ensures you are successful every time with Taunt and is the most essential item for Legionnaire. The final necessary item is Behemoths Heart.

Additional Items

Health Potions and Runes of Blight: Useful items to have in the beginning before getting your Helm of The Black Legion.

Shrunken Head and Shamans Headress: Get one or the other but not both, as it can be “filled” for more useful things.

Barbed Armor: it returns 100 % damage and is incredibly useful, if the other team has critical hits dealing over 700 damage.

Symbol of Rage: Harder to kill.

Geometers Bane: Gives 2 images of your hero ( 3 BIG SCARY TANKS J, That Spin ), good for pushing.

Skill Allocation

As Terrify is hard to use, beginners should follow this general build. Level 1 WB, Level 2 Taunt, Level 3 WB, Level 4 Taunt, Level 5 WB, Level 6 Ultimate, Level 7 WB. Basically max out WB, Taunt and ultimate then just add additional stats, for more mana.

3 Comments for this entry

  • Groggle

    Helm of the Black Legion really isn't that important. You can use Shaman's Headdress instead, and still be able to farm well.

  • [M3]Rodchield

    That is quite true. Shamans headdress will still enable you to farm decently, especially if the other team are full of intelligence heroes. You might even want to get both helm and headdress, they are useful in their own ways.

  • x__avex

    IMO Helm of the Black Legion > Shamans headdress, because when using Legionnaire you want to be vsing melee heroes so they will be in range of your spin that's why I reckon Helm is more important because you'll be blocking damage as well as regen. If you were vsing range heroes you'd be silly enough to use Legionnaire anyways.

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