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Spinning like a hurricane, passing through anyone who goes in his way, leaving only his name behind. SwiftBlade is a powerful hero, capable of  becoming an end game carry. A versatile hero, that is easy to play, mainly because of his excellent farming abilities, and high single target damage.


Attack Type=Melee
Attack Damage=44-48
Attack Range=125



Strength per level=1.9
Agility per level=2.85
Intelligence per level=1.4


Blade Frenzy
blade frenzy

Swiftblade works himself into a blade frenzy.
While in this state, he gains Magic Immunity and
deals high damage per second to any nearby enemy units.
Swiftblade is free to move around even while this skill
is active.
Level 1 :  80 Damage per second for 5 seconds
Level 2 : 100 Damage per second for 5 seconds
Level 3 : 120 Damage per second for 5 seconds
Level 4 : 140 Damage per second for 5 seconds
Mana cost 110
Cooldown 30 seconds

Note: BF is an incredibly powerful move at lower levels, as it's damage is beyond of what any hero can do at level 1. IF it is executed perfectly, it should deal around 400 damage at level 1, thus if you partner up with a hero that can stun, a couple of hits and a BF will easily get you FIRST BLOOD. The aim of this ability is to predict where your enemy is going and follow them, when you get better at this skill it will become second nature. ALSO another amazing this about this skill is the ability to be immune to magic, the main use of this is to wait for the enemy to try to stun you with a ranged skill, e.g. ( Andromeda, Valkyrie etc.) and then using BF  a moment before impact, this can completely remove the damage and the stun effect of the enemies skills, thus wasting their mana and losing cooldown time.

Counter Attack
counter attack

Extensive training in melee combat has
allowed Swiftblade to perfect the art
of countering enemy attacks, granting a
chance that he will retaliate every time
an enemy hero strikes him.
Level 1 :  15% chance to couter melee and ranged attacks
Level 2 : 20% chance to couter melee and ranged attacks
Level 3 : 25% chance to couter melee and ranged attacks
Level 4 : 35% chance to couter melee and ranged attacks
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a

Note: Powerful ability based on your heroes damage, thus it should be obtained later on in game when your hits actually deal some damage.

Way of the Sword
way of the sword

Swiftblade’s unsurpassed skill at
the sword has made him a master
of hitting where it hurts, giving him
a chance to critically strike opponents
with each attack.
Level 1 :  10% chance for 2.0x critical strike
Level 2 : 18% chance for 2.0x critical strike
Level 3 : 26% chance for 2.0x critical strike
Level 4 : 36% chance for 2.0x critical strike
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a

Note: Great for dealing that extra damage, it should be supported by items that give attack speed and damage.


Swift Slashes
Swift Slashes

Swiftblade attacks random nearby targets
with such speed that he appears to teleport
to them. Targets are randomly chosen, yet it
is possible to teleport to the same target
multiple times.
Level 1 :  150  to 250 damage to 3 random targets
Level 2 :  150 to 250 damage to 5 random targets
Level 3 :  150 to 250 damage to 8 random targets
Mana Cost 200/275/350
Cooldown  130/120/110
Deals 0.1 second mini stun to primary target

Swift Slashes is boosted by Staff of the Master

Note: this ultimate is the main reason to get Runed Axe ( melee attacks deal AOE ( area of effect damage). This ability does maximum damage when the enemy hero is alone, HOWEVER, IT SHOULD ALSO be used to interrupt major spell casters, e.g. IF TEMPEST or Glacius IS USING his ultimate, on a lot of your team mates, TRY TO  mini stun him by using the SS ( Swift Slashes). This skill can be combined with BF (Blade Frenzy at lower levels), firstly start with BF the enemy will run away from you and AWAY FROM CREATURES, then follow up with SS ( you need mana at level 7, perhaps buy soul scream ring).

Main Items

Enhanced  Marchers = Provides attack speed, movement speed and the ability to phase. This phasing ability is important as it makes it MUCH easier to follow with BF.

Runed Axe = giving mana to farm with BF, and a AOE melee damage for SS.

Whispering Helm = Life steal, mainly for survival.

Savage Mace = Excellent for enemies that like to teleport away ( ministun attack).

Wing Bow = Massive damage boost, survivability and attack speed.

Flayer = Massive damage.

Additional Items

Symbol of Rage : Life steal, Health and damage.

Soul Scream Ring: enough mana at level 7 to perform Ultimate and BF one after the other.

Shrunken head : Universal Item.

Charged Hammer : damage.

Hack and Slash : movement speed, attack speed and an attack modifier.

The possibilities are endless any of the items above, make Swift Blade into a end game carry.

Skill Allocation

Level 1 BF

Level 2 WOTS

Level 3 BF

Level 4 WOTS

Level 5 BF

Level 6 SS

Level 7 BF

Level 8 WOTS

Level 9 WOTS

Level 10 CA

Level 11 SS

Level 12 CA

Level 13 CA

Level 14 CA

Level 15 Stats

Level 16 SS

11 Comments for this entry

  • x__avex

    Staff of the Master is also a good item on him, Boost in HP and MP plus your ulti becomes even more powerful!

  • Ondine

    I recommend taking stats over WotS early game, as the small chance to crit with his low base damage falters when compared to consistent HP and MP boosts that allows SS to be chained with BF at level 6 without the purchase of stat-boosting items. (In addition to adding survivability and a consistent dps boost for last hitting)

  • Memnach

    I prefer buying boots and change them to int it gives you the possibility to spam frenzy (farming) and still use your ult then i normally buy frostburn which slows (good with frenzy)and gives you movementspeed hp and attachspeed.

  • cureforsanity

    enhanced marchers are better than steamboots b/c of the phase and the extra movespeed, it helps you chase with BF, and if you take stats instead of WOTS like Ondine suggested, you can chain your ult anyways

  • JarrodP


    There are pictures. Which are you referring to as not being there?

  • Joe

    bad guide. What you want is BF, Stats, BF, Stats, BF, SS, BF, WOTS(max), Counter, Stats. You need the stats at the beginning so you can have more mana. If you get the stats, you can easily get alot of ganks.

  • steve

    agree wit joe. stats r way mre important then crits at low levels. wots is only effective if swift has good dps

  • steve and joe = shit

    lol he makes one little mistake......and u guys call it a bad guide
    only thing i can say 2 this is: fuck off and make a better guide if ur in the position 2 judge this-.-

    good guide dude

  • Kuken

    I would say im a good swift player ... Anyway would try to get enchanted marches fast after that runed axe . After that get a shrunken so you can stay alive for longer. after that try to get out more dps with a elder parasite and after that you should save money for buybacks or try to pick upp a null stone or wingbow..

  • kapsa

    i play the hero with bf stats bf stats bf ulti bf wots (stats,you can do both ulti and bf toghther in one go)

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