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by [M3]Rodchield on Sep.16, 2009, under Guides


Dealing massive amounts of damage and causing havoc along enemy lines is the specialty of lighting god TB. He is fun an easy to play with high grade nuking damage, through spamming (blast lighting). Hit and run tactics works best with TB as he is fragile and it takes a little practice to be able to stay within firing range whilst not being hit.


Attack Type=Ranged
Attack Damage=41-49
Attack Range=350



Strength per level=1.8
Agility per level=1.7
Intelligence per level=2.7


Chain Lightning
chain lightning

The Thunderbringer zaps a target enemy unit
with volatile lightning. The lightning then bounces
to additional nearby enemy units.

Level 1 : 5 targets, 85 damage per unit
Level 2 : 7 targets, 100 damage per unit
Level 3 : 9 targets, 115 damage per unit
Level 4 : 15 targets, 130 damage per unit
Mana cost 65/72/79/86
Cooldown 2 seconds

Blast of Lightning
blast of lightning

Thunderbringer blasts a target enemy
unit with lightning, dealing moderate
damage and very briefly stunning it.
The area around the target is lit up briefly,
giving vision and revealing nearby stealthed units.

Level 1 : Deals 100 damage, stuns for 0.1 seconds
Level 2 : Deals 175 damage, stuns for 0.1 seconds
Level 3 : Deals 275 damage, stuns for 0.1 seconds
Level 4 : Deals 350 damage, stuns for 0.1 seconds
Mana cost 75,95,115,135
Cooldown 7 seconds

Lightning Rod
lightning rod

Enemies near Thunderbringer act as lightning rods,
taking damage every time he casts a spell.
The damage is proportional to their current Health.

Level 1 : Deals 5% of enemies current health
Level 2 : Deals 7% of enemies current health
Level 3 : Deals 9% of enemies current health
Level 4 : Deals 11% of enemies current health
Mana cost n/a
Cooldown n/a


Lightning Storm
lightning storm

Thunderbringer strikes every enemy hero
on the map with lightning, dealing damage
and revealing the area around them briefly.
This ability is boosted by Staff of the Master.

Level 1 :  Deals 210 damage to all enemys on the map
Level 2 : Deals 335 damage to all enemys on the map
Level 3 :  Deals 460 damage to all enemys on the map
Mana Cost 225/325/450
Cooldown 120 seconds

Chain Lighting (CL): TB’s main farming ability is mainly from chain lighting, it is a low cool down, spread damage and moderate damage skill which makes it easy to last hit and interrupt the enemies attempt to deny creeps.

Blast of Lighting (BOL): Very high single target damage and the most powerful skill in TB’s arsenal. This skill in combination with (lighting rod), causes massive amounts of damage in all stages of the game (early,mid,late). It should be utilised to its maximum potential by simply, using the skill on a target hero before a battle commences.

Note that it is desirable to target the hero with the lowest health e.g not the tanks.

Lighting Storm (LS): TB’s signature move and the most powerful global skill in HON. this skill is most effective after a rampage of lighting combos. It should be used like this: First start with a (BOL) and follow up with a (CL), then use hit and run tactics ( stay within firing range using (CL) whenever possible, but running back a little when enemy is too close) after the short cool down, perform one last barrage of (BOL) and (CL) and simultaneously use LIGHTING STORM…

The MATHS: This fatal combination if done correctly deals about 350+130+130+350+130+450+130+350= 2020 within a mere 15 SECONDS, this isn’t even including (lighting rod), of course magic reduction needs to be taken into account however most heroes don’t get magic reduction and if they do, it is nullified by the effects of (lighting rod).

Main Items

Items on TB are bought for one goal, which is to complete the fatal combination again and again with repeated success. Without buying the correct items, TB will not have enough mana to achieve that amount of damage he is capable of. At the beginning of a 5v5 match: firstly buy a bottle (stores power ups), this ensures you have enough mana to farm with your first skill, then proceed by buying Marchers, this ensures a higher chance to perform hit and run tactics. Next is the important part, you have two choices, choice number one you buy, the Ring of Sorcery ( restores mana on use), choice number two you go straight to Staff of the Master. The latter choice is definitely safer as it is cheaper, however if you are doing well during the game (doing well = hasn’t died in game) and have enough gold, then it is highly recommended you power buy Staff of the Master, both items aim to ensure you have enough mana for the powerful combinations, but one gives more mana whilst the other more damage.

Whatever your choice was your next item should be, the Portal Key, this item gives a new range of ganking capabilities, whether you need to blink in for a last burst or blinking out to retreat this item will be able to assist you in performing hit and run tactics magnificently.

Restoration Orb: Provides around an additional 1.7 times more damage, by being able to repeat both (LS and BOL) once in a few seconds.

Additional Items

Shrunken Head: Magic immunity is a universal item that can be used for any hero. Using it will depend on enemy hero match up and thus it is situational based.

Totem of Kuldra: additional crowd control spell by disabling an enemy, another useful item for TB and most intelligence heroes.

Frost Field Plate: Providing armour and area of effect damage, enabling quick farming and higher survivability.

Skill Allocation: Depending on your personal preferences skill allocation will be a little different for everyone. Generally at level one chain lighting is the most useful skill as it does nearly the same amount of damage as BOL but with less mana, Level 2 get BOL, level 3 BOL, level 4 LR, level 5 BOL, Level 6 LS, level 7 BOL.

8 Comments for this entry

  • D

    imo, portal key is not a core item, not even an additional item for tb. It should be also noted that Totem of Kuldra's hex removes a units magic armour for the duration of the hex (so full damage is taken).

  • Rodchield

    Well, portal key is definitely a universal item for any hero. its not even a core or additional. It works with anyone...

  • x__avex

    yeah I don't know about portal key....TB is not an initiator so its not really needed, hes suppose to pop out of no where in a middle of a fight and just zap the crap out of everyone. I would rather invest in a Sacrificial Stone instead.

  • Eidolon

    Staff of the Master + Restoration Stone is brutal. Whether your team initiates or their team initiates, using this as an opener immediately puts your opponents on the defensive. It also help thwart base pushes as they may not be willing to risk attacking with a significant amount of health lost before even engaging.

    I have seen this combo turn the tide of a game on several occasions.

  • Sci

    Teribad guide I swear. Most of all your "Main items" Aren't exactly needed. Period. Portal key? Retarded choice and is 2.150g. Ring of sorcery? 350 mana and 100 mana replenish over 30 seconds?... Seriously...

  • Kapdoloro

    I usually start out with the +3 int, +3 str, runes of blight and courier (or minor totems if someone else got courier) and then build Chalice ASAP. The Chalice gives you an insane lane dominance against most laners, especially at level 5 (level 3 BoL) - you will chop off more than half of squishy HP in one BoL.
    After laning phase you only need WARDS, boots, mana and mana regen. SotM + Resto Stone requires a 70 minutes long game or an opposing team who aint worthy of your awesome killing skills.

  • what?

    Chalice? What chalice?

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