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by [M3]Rodchield on Sep.16, 2009, under Guides


Valkyrie is a powerful carry hero with many useful skills. Stunning enemy heroes from a distance and creating opportunities for surprise attacks is how she sets a face pace game. Valk is a moderately hard hero to use; this is mostly because of her skill Javalin of Light, which is dependent on your ability to shoot her javelin accurately and with perfect timing.

Call of the Valkyrie (COTV): Excellent nuking capabilities with a chance to strike the enemy twice (note: only heroes within 200 radius can get hit twice). This low cool down skill can be used to farm and kill heroes and will be your main damage skill.

Javalin of Light ( JOL): Valk’s most important skill and is likely to be depended upon during ambushes. To make it easier, there are general guidelines you can follow. Number 1, perform JOL whilst the enemy hero CANT see you, this makes it much easier. Number 2, throw your javelin when the enemy is not moving (e.g. ranged hero hitting creeps), throwing at night time whilst near the forest is also a very good idea as they will have less time to see the javelin and thus move away from it. The very last tip is PRACTICE, it isn’t easy to predict where the enemy is going and only practice will make you attuned to the timing.

Courageous Leap (CL): This ability is much like blinking and or teleporting a short distance, however it  makes you “leap” in the direction your are facing. It is great for escaping and pursuing the enemy hero and it even adds attack speed for bonus damage.

Valkyrie’s Prism (VP): Even though this skill uses up plenty of mana, it is definitely a worth it skill to obtain. Making all allies in the map invisible can not only save them from ganks, but also enable you to initiate ganks as a team. At higher levels, this skill can be combined with a multitude of heroes (Magmus, Soul Stealer, Glacius etc) to perform an undetectable burst of damage.

Main Items

Bottle: Being able to use JOL and VP when it is required is an important part of being Valkyrie.

Enhanced Marchers: Additional health, attack speed and movement speed is good for Valkyrie in all aspects.

Thunder Claw/ Charge hammer: excellent FARMING and damaging capabilities, a must have for Valkyrie (The best farming item for Valk, get this item ASAP).

Wing Bow: Survivability and damage also this item is one of the most powerful items in the game.

Additional Items

Soul Scream Ring: good at the beginning for additional health.

Flayer: Incredible damage providing high bursts through critical strikes.

Savage Mace: Your attack will never miss, and provides a mini stun that does 100 damage at frequently.

Behemoth’s Heart: Very high survivability as health regeneration and overall health increases dramatically.

Shrunken Head: Might be necessary to be immune to magic (depends on match up).

Skill Allocation: Basically, max out JOL and have at least one point in her ultimate and CL. Next max out COTV and then followed by CL. Yellow is always last as one or two Soul Scream Rings, is like 3 levels worth of yellow stats.

Level 1: JOL

Level 2: CL

Level 3 JOL

Level 4: COTV

Level 5 JOL

Level 6: VP


Attack Type=Ranged
Attack Damage=38-49
Attack Range=600



Strength per level=1.9
Agility per level=2.8
Intelligence per level=1.6


Call of the Valkyrie
Call of the Valkyrie

Valkyrie calls forth several Battle Maidens to damage nearby enemies.
Level 1 : Deals 75 magic damage to targets in radius around self with
60% chance to hit targets outside the 600 radius but inside a 900 radius
Level 2 : Deals 150 magic damage to targets in radius around self with 60% chance to hit targets outside the 600 radius but inside a 900 radius
Level 3 : Deals 225 magic damage to targets in radius around self with 60% chance to hit targets outside the 600 radius but inside a 900 radius
Level 4 : Deals 300 magic damage to targets in radius around self with 60% chance to hit targets outside the 600 radius but inside a 900 radius
Mana cost 100/120/140/160
Cooldown 12 seconds
Deals an additional 37.5/75/112.5/150 magic damage to one random target in 200 radius

Javelin of Light
Javelin of Light

Valkyrie hurls a Javelin of Light toward a target location.
The first enemy hit will be damaged and stunned.
Stun duration depends on the distance the Javelin has traveled.

Level 1 : Deals 90 damage to first target to pass within a 140 radius of projectile. Target is stunned based on projectile distance.
Level 2 : Deals 180 damage to first target to pass within a 140 radius of projectile. Target is stunned based on projectile distance.
Level 3 : Deals 270 damage to first target to pass within a 140 radius of projectile. Target is stunned based on projectile distance.
Level 4 : Deals 360 damage to first target to pass within a 140 radius of projectile. Target is stunned based on projectile distance.
Mana cost 100
Cooldown 25 seconds
Stun duration increases by 0.5 seconds for every 150 units the projectile has traveled. Stuns for a minimum of 0.5 seconds and a maximum of 5 seconds.

Courageous Leap
Courageous Leap

Valkyrie leaps forward, charging to battle. Her courage inspires nearby allies when she lands, granting increased movement and attack speed.
Level 1 : Leaps 630 units forward. +4% Movement speed and 4% Attack speed to nearby allies.
Level 2 : Leaps 690 units forward. +8% Movement speed and 8% Attack speed to nearby allies.
Level 3 : Leaps 780 units forward. +12% Movement speed and 12% Attack speed to nearby allies.
Level 4 : Leaps 840 units forward. +16% Movement speed and16% Attack speed to nearby allies.
Mana cost 75
Cooldown 40/35/30/25 seconds


Valkyrie’s Prism
Valkyrie's Prism

Valkyrie bends light itself, shrouding all allied heroes on the map in stealth
Level 1 : Grants Stealth to all allies for 7 seconds. 2.5 second fade time
Level 2 : Grants Stealth to all allies for 9 seconds. 2 second fade time
Level 3 : Grants Stealth to all allies for 11 seconds. 1.5 second fade time
Mana Cost 200/250/300
Cooldown 160 seconds

9 Comments for this entry

  • Azgalor

    That skill build is a bad idea.

    1. JOL
    2. CotV
    3. CotV/Leap if you need the survivability
    4. Leap/CotV if you got leap get CotV
    5. CotV
    6. JOL
    7. CotV
    8. JOL
    9. JOL
    10. Leap
    11. Prism
    12. Leap
    13. Leap
    14-25 Stats/Prism

    You don't have the mana to support Prism at low level. Don't level up JOL before CotV since you get more damage from CotV.

  • Rodchield

    Actually you do have the mana to support prism, and it is especially useful to have for low level ganks, at high end games the diffference between an obvious gank and a sneaky one can make a big difference, also you are wrong again on COTV doing more damage than JOL. Firstly COTV deals 300 dmg and than another 150 ( IF within 200 RADIUS). Whilst JOL DOes 360 dmg ( more than initial COTV dmg AND IT DOES A STUN FOR TEAMATES TO DEAL OVER 150 extra DAMMAGE OR EVEN yourself can deal 150 extra damage just from hitting.

  • Groggle

    Really, there is a few things I found very strange in this guide. First of all, I would ALWAYS skill CotV over JoL since JoL is all about the stun early game, and that doesn't change with the levels.

    Furthermore you don't even consider Nullfire Blade, which is kinda retarded. Yes Thunderclaw/Charged Hammer gives you more farm, but Valkyrie is not 100% carry, more semi carry/gank tbh. In that case Nullfire Blade will be way more useful. Point being, Thunderclaw/Charged Hammer is vertainly NOT a must.

  • [M3]Rodchield

    Well, first off to answer all of the questions regarding skill build and items. I have to say it is mostly a matter of the team match up and personal preferences. Secondly, CotV does 300 magic damage, with a chance to deal an additional 150 damage if the target is within 200 radius, this additional damage is unlikely to happen as heroes are usually near creeps and or other heroes. Furthermore at level 4 JOL does 360 damage AND A STUN. it is obvious that after 360 magic damage it doesn't end there, the stun will compensate 150 damage EASILY. The whole point is that within that stun, teamates CAN DEAL more than 150 damage plus your 360, and at level 8 you will still be performing CotV level 2-3 depending if you needed leap. In regards to nullfire blade, it is a matter of preference and matchup, some people get hack and slash, some get frostwolf skull, BUT I AM OBVIOUSLY NOT saying those items are USELESS, its just, Nullfire is usually taken when there is Jereziah or there isnt enough stuns/slows in team. Charged HAMMEr can be taken regardless of match up. Besides why would valk need a slow or mana burn when he can 5 sec stun.

  • CruS

    To previous poster:

    JoL stuns at every level... The damage dealt during the stun can therefore not be considered when comparing to CotV

  • [M3]Rodchield

    Actually, because JoL stuns at every level, there should be a minimum amount of damage considered as a bonus at every level. So from JoL level 1-4, it can stun from 1-5 seconds. Thus say it stuns for an average of 2.5 seconds, without anything more being said, say at level 1 JoL does 0 Dmg and 2.5 second stun. it will still do more dmg then CotV. at level 2 it will do more dmg and at level 4, 360 dmg and a 2.5 stun will still do more dmg then Cotv. (Saying Not to include the stun can be compared to saying not to include the chance to deal 150 more dmg in CotV)

    Anyways enough being said on this topic. guys if you are having major confusions as to which skill to pick. just get them both and ditch leap. or if its a public game and not a serious game. go ditch the ultimate as well.

  • wadp

    ummm, u cannot ditch leap imo :) it can really save you from ganks or hard situations. About the build i should say that levelind CotV early gives you the power to harass and outfarm the midlane. If you have enuff manapool (mainly a bottle) you can easily take anyhero mid by constantly using your CotV and harassing him like ***. As for ganks, idd stun is more efficient when we think of dmg and stun, especially if you have some supporters to help you take that kill, but it just depends on the style of play and the opposite lineup really :)

  • Suplol

    Regarding the JOL and CotV discussion....

    lets say we have lvl 4 CotV and lvl 3

    we assume, the enemy is alone so we hit him twice and stunned 5 sec. cuz we hit a long Javelin

    Version 1:
    JoL 3 - 270 Damage
    CotV 4 - 300 Damage
    CotV 4 - 150 Damage
    Total - 720 Damage (570 when he is not alone!)

    now we have lvl 4 JoL and lvl 3 CotV

    Version 2:
    JoL 4 - 360 Damage
    CotV 3 - 225 Damage
    CotV 3 - 112,5 Damage
    Total - 697,5 Damage (585 when he is not alone!)

    V2: soooo as you can see, if you max out JoL first you deal more damage if your target is not alone, but summed up you deal less than Version 1

    V1: if you max out CotV it is the other way round, more damage if he is alone, less if he is not, compared to Version 2

    summed up: who fukking cares - on the next few levelups you have both on lvl 4 anyway!?

  • onowahoo

    Behe heart doesn't increase health regen by the way, it only does that on STR heroes. It gives 10% base damage on AGI heroes

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