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Demented Shaman Strategy Introduction

by JarrodP on Mar.31, 2010, under Guides

Demented Shaman Introduction

Heroes of Newerth Demented ShamanDemented Shaman is a probably a character that either gets banned in a draft or used quite a bit. DS's versitality is the main reason why he gets banned. He can snare, heal and basically carry a team on its back in a battle.

Demented Shaman Skills

HON EntangleEntangle - This skill is one of many uses, primarily used for ganking with its slow, or stopping a channel with its dual stun. The skill with first cast a ministun on the target, slow them for a few seconds before stunning them again, afterwards it deals a physical damage over time (dot) to the target for every several seconds and can not be debuffed. My strategy is to level this to 3 and finish it off to 4 in late game.

HON Arcane HideArcane Hide - Despite what others may think, this skill is the bread and butter of saving your team or yourself and what makes Demeneted Shaman immensely strong in higher tier games when it is used effectively. This skill protects the target for 5 charges to a maximum total of 100 damage per level of all non-dot dmg from towers, bosses and heroes. So at level 4 it will protect an ally or youself from 400 dmg, that would cut a pyro's ult at lvl 3 in half before magic armor is applied. Simply said, cast this often and on as many people you can.

HON Healing WaveHealing Wave - I cannot count how many times I have recieved a double kill first blood from this skill. To most this is a healing spell, and that it is, but it bounces from target to target within a small radius. Then it either heals or damages the target depending on enemy or ally. At max level it will bounce between 5 targets doing physical damage! So that swiftblade spinning in the middle of 5 creeps isn't immune to it. Keep this in mind as I have seen many noob casters or Scout say "WTF" after trying to cast their ults on a spinning Swiftblade.

HON Storm CloudStorm Cloud - The Holy Grail of Ultimates. Storm Cloud either adds armor to your ally's or takes armor away from your enemies of everyone caught in the cloud. This has an increase effect over time. It starts off at 1 for the first second, and for each second the skill lasts it will either increase or decrease it. Storm Cloud has an amazing range on it, and is great for using right before your team runs in since it best works 10+ seconds into it.

Demented Shaman Item Builds

Starting the game with Demented Shaman, buy a courier or if someone else has get wards. Get a few Minor Totem and some mana regen, and support your carry by harrassing the opposition with Entangle and auto attacks. Your first priority should be Nome's Wisdom, followed by Ghost Marchers and Astrolabe. After astrolabe it is time to go big or go home. Get your self either Puzzlebox, Hellflower, Kuldra's Sheepstick. Played effectively this character will make or break a good team.


Demented Shaman is a support/babysitter, he does not carry, but he does push lanes very fast with his healing wave. In teamfights he is to stay back out of the action and just constantly heal considering it has a 9 second cooldown, and entagle the people trying to get away, or get to you. Dont forget to start the teamfight off with Storm Cloud. Remember this ulti has a positive effect on your team as well as negative on your foe, so use it even if no enemies are around. Always arcane hide the first guy to go in, then after that protect and keep you carry alive. You are to be the last one out of the teamfight and should not be afraid to die to save your carry. If you can not stomach this game play, do not pick this hero as you will ruin the night of your teammates. Good luck and have fun.


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Heroes of Newerth Noob Tutorial Added!

by JarrodP on Mar.26, 2010, under Guides

Heroes of Newerth Tutorial Overview HON Tutorial IconStart Tutorial: This is something that I feel is a good addition. Starting out in HON and not coming from DOTA as a very difficult transition. When you first get into the Tutorial you get the following options:

  • Overview
  • Basic Hero Controls
  • Hero Types
  • Items and Shopping
  • Gold and Experience
  • Laning Phase

Overview gives a good explanation about the objects and the purpose of creeping, foresting and killing the tower.

Basic Hero Controls will go through just that. How to control your Hero.

  1. Right click the green circle on the ground to move your hero.
  2. Right click the four hellbourne creeps to kill them. Auto attacking will start after attacking the first creep.
  3. After completing the above you will be shown how to level up your skills. This is the same concept for all hero types. Keep in mind that some skills are passive and will auto trigger with out any interaction.
  4. Once you train Phoenix Wave, on Pyromancer, it will instruct you how to cast the spell.

Hero Types will go through the difference between Agility, Intelligence and Strength.

  • Agility governs your attack speed and armor. Agility heroes generally focus on dealing damage and direct combat.
  • Intelligence governs your mana pool and mana regeneration rate. Intelligence heroes generally focus on casting spells and activated abilities.
  • Strength governs your health and health regeneration rate. Strength heroes are generally tougher and focus on close range melee combat.

Items and Shopping reviews the purpose of buying items. Keep in mind that ALL heroes benefit from all three attributes in some way.

  1. Move to the well of life to start the shopping tutorial. You will notice that your health and mana will start to replenish while in the well
  2. Right click the shop to open the item purchase window. Item components on the left and item recipes on the right.
  3. To purchase a recipe you must purchase all of its corresponding components. You can easily do so by selecting the recipe and clicking on the items that load in the slide out window. Keep mind mind that you must have room in your inventory for all items but the last item in order for them to combine. Once you purchase the last item of a recipe the item will auto combine properly for you.
  4. Next the tutorial will have you proceed to purchasing out of the recommended item shop. This is a good place for you to see what items are recommended for your hero of choice. Keep in mind that this is not set in stone and as you progress through gaming you may find a build that works better for you.
  5. After you purchase the fortified bracelet the tutorial will move into explaining the "Secret Shops" and "Out Post." Keep in mind not all items can be purchased at your well. Items marked with a safe can be purchased while you are not in your well cannot be equipped until you move back to your well. Items that are stored in your stash can be moved to your main inventory by right clicking the item and moving it. This is a good way to keep from losing gold, if you die from a hero kill. Items greyed out can not be purchased at your current location.

Gold and Experience are earned by killing enemy creeps, heroes buildings and neutral creeps.

  • Neutral creeps are non roaming creeps that either side can kill to earn gold and experience."
  • The best way to earn gold and experience is by killing the opposing teams heroes. This also has a negative effect on them. They lose time due to the respawn process as well as a percentage of gold they have on their hero. This is why I do recommend purchasing items even if you are not at your well.
  • Next the tutorial will explain what we refer to as a "carry" hero in the game. This is a hero that starts out weak and becomes very powerful towards the end game. We will work on compiling a list of "carry" heroes.
  • Destorying enemy towers and buildings gives your entire team bonus gold. The hero that lands the last hit on the tower will receive an additional bonus for killing the tower. Also remember you can deny your teams own towers, buildings and creeps to keep the other team from getting the gold. This is done by holding the A key and clicking the building when it is down to 5% remaining health.

Laning Phase is the explanation of staying near the creep battles in the maps different "lanes" to assure you are getting experience when a creep dies. If you get too far away you will not get experience. This tutorial is the best over all as it will give you a great understanding of the general mechanics of the game progression.

  1. Follow the creeps to the green circle and prepare for battle.
  2. Avoid taking damage during this phase. The more you run back to heal at your life pool the less experience you will get. As you learn the different heroes you will understand what they can do against you. At low levels never let creeps beat on you as they do quite a bit of damage and can block your path to get away.
  3. Avoid auto attacking as much as you can. Avoid auto attacking by moving around or hitting the H key to "hold ground." Only concentrate on getting that kill blow or deny blow so you can get experience or keep your enemy from getting the experience. Also this game is alot about position. Watch where you are geographically as some heroes are very good at ambushing from behind.
  4. Harass the enemy hero that the tutorial spawns. This is a good time to practice denies and getting use to the "jousting" technique used by many in Heroes of Newerth.
  5. When at attacking an enemy hero with creeps around you will draw the attention of the creeps and they may attack you. This is a nice way to get the enemy creeps closer to your towers and in a easier location to attack.
  6. Destroy the enemies ranged and melee barracks to increase the power and strength of your teams own creeps. When you are this point it is always recommended to destroy the melee barracks first.

Overall this tutorial was a great addition to the HON game. Many people get very frustrated with not understanding how to do the basic things and flat out quit. One thing to keep in mind, is this tutorial does not teach you the lingo as well as unspoken rules. One unspoken rule to keep in mind is never to Backdoor or BD. This is when you enter and damage the opposing teams buildings with out having any creeps in there. Always make sure you have creeps with you when destroying towers or buildings.

I hope this little run down helps. See you in game!

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New Heroes of Newerth Hero Phade?

by JarrodP on Mar.24, 2010, under News

According to Heroes of Newerth Facebook page, we are in for a new hero! If you see anything let us know so we can get the info up.

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Getting Started with Heroes of Newerth!

by JarrodP on Mar.24, 2010, under Guides

Where to start with Heroes of Newerth?

Some of you may be wondering when you play Heroes of Newerth for the first time, “What are some good ‘easy’ characters I can start out with?” Well look no further. Here I will go over my top three easiest characters to learn with. They are in no particular order.

Heroes of Newerth Arachna1. Arachna — Arachna is a pretty straight forward and simple character to play. She has one skill that boosts all ranged damage of you and nearby allies. Another one that temporary slows an enemy upon a hit. Her third skill gets rid of most debuffs and increases armor. Her ultimate is a spiderling that you can cast and forget about. It will slow her enemies down every hit and does a lot of damage. Arachna is easy because her skills do not require a lot of thought in their usage. Her ultimate can be casted and then she can focus elsewhere. It doesn’t take much skill to use her effectively and she is easily mastered after several attempts at playing her. Some item suggestions are Assassin’s Shroud, Elder Parasite, Wingbow, Frostburn. As long as she can stay in the back and keep hitting her opponents she will bring people down quick.

Heroes of Newerth Moon Queen2. Moon Queen — Moon queen has a lot of powerful and very useful skills. Only two of her abilities are toggled by the user, the other two are passive. Her ultimate doesnt require any targeting as it hits random anyone in the area. Her other skill is a stun that is both powerful, has a long range, and is very effective. One of her passive abilities allows her attacks to bounce from target to target. Her other ability is an aura that increases ranged damage of allies. Just like Arachna, Moon Queen requires little thought in how to use her skills effectively. She only has to target her stun and pop her ultimate. The rest takes care of itself. Some items to get are Elder Parasite, Frostburn, Shield Breaker, Geometer’s Bane. Keep her back a safe distance and she will surely dish out the damage with her auto attack. If you want to most effectively use her ultimate, get her in the thick of things and she will end lives in a heartbeat.

Heroes of Newerth Magebane3. Magebane — Magebane like Moon Queen, has only two abilities that you must actually actively use. One skill is his teleport ability. That is pretty self explanatory. His ultimate ability does damage to an enemy based on how much mana that person is missing. His aura increases his runspeed. And he has a mana drain ability which does damage based on the mana drained from the target. He has a high survival rate and is very good at chasing down people trying to make a quick getaway. He is also great on casters who have large mana pools. Once they have depleted their mana, Magebane can do massive amounts of damage. He is a pretty simple character to use.

Hopefully this will help those newbies out there. Of course the best way to get better is to experiment with as many characters as you can and find the right fit for you. Now go out there and kill things!

Happy Hunting! -EM

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HON Ophelia Introduction

by JarrodP on Mar.22, 2010, under Guides, News

Introduction to Heroes of Newerth Ophelia

Heroes of Newerth Ophelia

I know many people may be wondering, "Who the heck is Ophelia? I have rarely seen her played and I don't know one thing about her!" Well, here is the low-down on the fantastic support character.


Hon Opehlia Nature's WrathNature's Wrath - Ophelia unleashes the powers of nature on a target enemy unit, slowing it. When the effects expire, the target unit will take additional damage equal to a percentage of the damage taken while the effect was active.

Hon Ophelia's JudgmentOphelia's Judgment - Ophelia judges a target unit, dealing variable damage to it if it's an enemy, or teleporting it to safety if it's an ally. Instantly teleports units that Ophelia controls

HON Ophelia's CommandCommand - Ophelia takes command of a non-boss NPC's mind, gaining control of it. Units under Ophelia's command gain increased Health, Health regeneration, and Mana regeneration.

HON Ophelia's TouchOphelia's Touch - Ophelia's love for living creatures allows her to conjure up powerful healing magic, healing all allied heroes on the map and fully regenerating units under her command.

The skills are pretty self explanatory. Nature's Wrath slows a target and all damage done to that target is increased. This is great at the beginning of a fight or for preventing someone from getting away. Ophelia's Judgment causes damage to an enemy character or sends an allied character back to the spawn, great for saving your allied heroes lives. Command takes control of a non-boss enemy NPC and gives them a boost to life. And Ophelia's Touch heals all controlled NPCs and all allies. This is great for preventing deaths of allies and allowing them to keep in their lane to keep pushing a tower.


Ophelia is dependent on her mana-regen ability and her life pool. She can be very squishy and she uses mana like it is going out of style. Also her ultimate has a long cool-down which can be reduced by the Staff of the Masters. My suggestion is to get some Talisman of Exile, Nome's Wisdom, Plated Greaves, Astrolabe, and Staff of the Masters. This item combination will make you the perfect support character. You will be granting both life and mana regen. You can heal your allies twice, once with your ultimate and once with Astrolabe. You give your allies a good boost to armor. And then if you have the money go for Whispering Helm, this will allow you to get one more creep.


My perfect trio for creeps is Wolfman Commander (+30% base damage aura) Minotaur Champion (+15 Attack Speed Aura) and Vagabond Leader (+3 Health Regen Aura). This will not only significantly increase your own damage and survivability, but when you get in those fights it will greatly help your allies as well. The damage aura's paired with that of Andromeda, or Moonqueen, or Arachna will make your team incredibly powerful.

Have fun and good luck


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