Electrician Strategy Guide

by JarrodP on Apr.06, 2010, under Guides

Introduction to Heroes of Newerth - Electrician Strategy Guide

ElectricianElectrician in most cases is a viable hero for new players and veterans, he has a strong disable, a slow/haste skill, a survivability skill and two strong aoe skills. He is a strong ganker and recently with his buffs he has seen a lot of gameplay. If you are playing Electrician or playing against him, always keep in mind that any stun will stop your Static Grip.


Static GripStatic Grip - This skill is quite often chosen first and maxed early for its ability to disable a target for upto 4 seconds, this makes him a great ganker early on and teamed up with swiftblade makes one of the best firstblood lanes in the game. Static grip has a quick animation and good starting range, the move then slowly drags you closer to them until you are next to them, but be careful of stuns and aoe's that you may be dragging youself into.

Electric ShieldElectric Shield - This skill gives you great survivability and a quick way to kill creeps with its mock of brilliance like effects, at the cost of mana being drained for the damage you take. Electric Shield is toggleable with no downtime but cannot be turned on below a certain amount of mana and will turn off when that limit is reached. Until this is maxed, try not to run around with it on. You will find your self having to return to the pool quite often.

Energy AbsorbEnergy Absorption - One of the most underestimated aoe nukes in the game, this skill at max does upto 300 magic damage in an aoe around electrician as well as drains a portion of mana from all targets and gives you mana and movespeed in return. This skill used after Static Grip can allow you to really put a hurting to enemies nearby and change the tide of battles early on. Taking this second is not always bad. This is great for harassing during the start of the game. Simply go in AOE and joust out. Make sure you hit creeps or heroes, that way you refill some of the mana used. If done right, you should be able to limit your returns to the pool.

CleansingCleansing Shock - This is an underestimated ultimate, it purges almost all buffs and debuffs (this includes Jeraziah's shield and Pestilence's swarm), it is a spammable nuke to summons, i.e Malphas, a massive slow to enemies and a haste to allies, this skill also chains between targets with staff of the masters to maximize its efficiency. There is an item that does things similar to this, called Nullfire Blade, but it has a certain amount of charges, upgradable by repurchasing the recipe.

Item Builds

Electrician is mostly played as a tank but he is a ganker type hero. If playing as a main tank, items that give him mana and armor and obviously health are suited best to him. Start off the match with runes of blight, Pretender's Crown, an Iron Shield, and a mana pot or two if you wish. Build up first your boots, Ghost Marchers are recommended because the move speed and unit walking will help you greatly when chasing the enemies down. Bracers are second or it is also recommended getting them before boots if you are having troubles farming, these give you the survivability you need to stay in team fights early on.

A Portal Key is a valid item on electrician because it allows him to get into range quickly to disable an enemy. Shrunken Head is a must for Electrician because of where he places himself in teamfights. Afterwards start to build towards your preferred tank items, Frostfield Plate gives you armor and mana as well as another aoe nuke which slows enemies, Daemonic Breastplate gives you armor and attack speed, as well as putting a debuff of minus armor on the enemies around you. Barrier Idol is recommended on Electrician because it allows you to tank and gives magic protection to allies. End game if you have your items or do not feel others will be useful after your Shrunken Head you can also build a Staff of the Master if your team is doing well.


As a tank disabler it is you task to disable those casters in teamfights, until you have shrunken head because you will be a focus for people to try and get you off of their nuker. When you have Shrunken head you can really grab the person who changes the tide of battle the most and take them out of the fight allowing your team to focus on others. It is suggested to Static Grip heroes like Chronos, Swiftblade, Tempest, Plague Rider and Engineer before they can get their ult off, afterwards or if none are present, focus on heavy nukers like pyro and witch slayer or grab the invisible guy if you have an eye. Keep your shield up in teamfights and go in right after your initiator or at the same time if he does not have a port key. Use Energy Absorbtion afterwards and Cleansing shock people trying to get away or your allies if they are trying to catch them, your moves have a short cooldown so use Static Grip again as soon as its up, But if you are being focused on you may not have the mana to do so, in that case just attack and assist your team until you have mana to do something.

See you on the battle field.


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  • spitter

    put pics on the hero described

  • Helsing

    First of all the items u decided to get in the beggining of the game are silly, actually u dont need mana pots cos of his energy absorbation, and second i much prefer plated greaves than ghost marches cos u have a nice block in the begin, also if u have helm of the black legion hmm they cant hurt u much eraly... and as the first major item i suggest making sacrifical stone cos u are a ganker hero and u tank in team fight's so when u get few charges u are same as Chuck Norris= invincible ... i agree with most of the items just not with the key... you got ur ulty which is same like a purge from DotA it removes buffs from u or the enemy and has a nice slow so u can catch everbody with it...

  • JarrodP


    I started using a similar build to yours a few weeks ago and it works great. I usually start by going with the following order:

    Minor Totem

    If on the bottom ill wait until I can get Homecoming Stone. Port back and snag Manatube. For the mana regen and the start of the Sacrificial Stone.

    From there it depends on the killing and tower pushing. Sacrificial Stone is a game changer for Electrician.

  • vrixxz

    using Assasin's Shoud will makes you invisible while doing Static Grip :)

  • Jean

    My usual build with electrician is as follows : Start of game, I get marchers and a health pot. I usually do well enough to get a lifetube very early on, followed by a shield. Once I make my ghost marchers and helm of the black legion, I farm for Sacrificial Stone and it is good game. I've seen that a lot of people go for mana shield early on in the game, but honestly, it is worthless at low levels because you will be rendered useless without mana. My usual build is 3/1/3/1/3/4/3/1/1/2/2/2/2/4 and then stat boost of course. You can put a lot of pressure on whoever you are laning against with your third move and you will actually gain mana if you hit the creep wave with at least 1 hero. Use this every time it is up as long as you have multiple targets to hit. Another thing I do, that people might consider killstealing, is that when I grip someone, I wait to get the kill with my energy absorption, but honestly, if it weren't for my grip, we wouldn't have gotten the kill anyways.

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