Getting Started with Heroes of Newerth!

by JarrodP on Mar.24, 2010, under Guides

Where to start with Heroes of Newerth?

Some of you may be wondering when you play Heroes of Newerth for the first time, “What are some good ‘easy’ characters I can start out with?” Well look no further. Here I will go over my top three easiest characters to learn with. They are in no particular order.

Heroes of Newerth Arachna1. Arachna — Arachna is a pretty straight forward and simple character to play. She has one skill that boosts all ranged damage of you and nearby allies. Another one that temporary slows an enemy upon a hit. Her third skill gets rid of most debuffs and increases armor. Her ultimate is a spiderling that you can cast and forget about. It will slow her enemies down every hit and does a lot of damage. Arachna is easy because her skills do not require a lot of thought in their usage. Her ultimate can be casted and then she can focus elsewhere. It doesn’t take much skill to use her effectively and she is easily mastered after several attempts at playing her. Some item suggestions are Assassin’s Shroud, Elder Parasite, Wingbow, Frostburn. As long as she can stay in the back and keep hitting her opponents she will bring people down quick.

Heroes of Newerth Moon Queen2. Moon Queen — Moon queen has a lot of powerful and very useful skills. Only two of her abilities are toggled by the user, the other two are passive. Her ultimate doesnt require any targeting as it hits random anyone in the area. Her other skill is a stun that is both powerful, has a long range, and is very effective. One of her passive abilities allows her attacks to bounce from target to target. Her other ability is an aura that increases ranged damage of allies. Just like Arachna, Moon Queen requires little thought in how to use her skills effectively. She only has to target her stun and pop her ultimate. The rest takes care of itself. Some items to get are Elder Parasite, Frostburn, Shield Breaker, Geometer’s Bane. Keep her back a safe distance and she will surely dish out the damage with her auto attack. If you want to most effectively use her ultimate, get her in the thick of things and she will end lives in a heartbeat.

Heroes of Newerth Magebane3. Magebane — Magebane like Moon Queen, has only two abilities that you must actually actively use. One skill is his teleport ability. That is pretty self explanatory. His ultimate ability does damage to an enemy based on how much mana that person is missing. His aura increases his runspeed. And he has a mana drain ability which does damage based on the mana drained from the target. He has a high survival rate and is very good at chasing down people trying to make a quick getaway. He is also great on casters who have large mana pools. Once they have depleted their mana, Magebane can do massive amounts of damage. He is a pretty simple character to use.

Hopefully this will help those newbies out there. Of course the best way to get better is to experiment with as many characters as you can and find the right fit for you. Now go out there and kill things!

Happy Hunting! -EM

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