HoN Crowd Control Part 2 of 2

by JarrodP on May.07, 2010, under Guides

Heroes of Newerth Crowd Control Part 2 (read part 1)

The next three CC items are the big luxury crowd control items, don't expect to be picking these up very often unless you are having an amazing game.

Frostfield Plate

Frostfield Plate falls right in the middle of all the CC ability items, and is the lowest on the tier of the high end luxury INT items, though not the easiest to build out of the top three (which it shares with Hellflower and Kuldra's sheepstick) . The INT armor sits at a hefty total of 4700 gold, putting it comfortably out of reach for a lot of support unless they are really dominating the competition.

Not only does it have such a high cost it is built in mostly large pieces, 2700,1400,600, the cheapest being the recipe. Overall the item is really strong in that it provides people like Behemoth, Soulreaper, and Defiler with a lot of armor, mana, a slow, enemy attack speed reduction, and a blast aoe nuke. Overall though it's an item I just can't justify buying unless for some reason you are just destroying the other team. It's a not a bad item, but unless you are initiating and tanking for your team a Sheepstick is going to be more useful.


The next item on the CC table is Hellflower. This item gives a ton of mana regen, attack speed, and damage. Which means that as a CC/DPS item it is competing with the likes of Harkon's Blade and at 5025 gold (only 75g less than Harkon's) it's definitely the inferior of the two main dps INT hero items. Hellflower does have a few things going for it though. The first of the things Hellflower brings to the table is a 5 second silence, making it a hard counter to heroes like Wretched Hag and Magebane when they try and blink out last second, because the silence is the longest of all the CCs.

The second thing is it's team nuke capability. 20% damage that the target takes gets slapped right on as an extra bit of damage at the end of the silence just like Voodoo's Cursed Ground. This ability makes it a great way to take down a hero that has devastating spells, because a team focus is going to kill the hero. The last thing that makes this item so amazing is the fact that it has probably the easiest buildup of almost any high tier INT item in the game. Every single piece of this item costs 900 or under, meaning that you never have to worry about stockpiling 2700 gold, and you never feel bad about buying your team wards because you are always just around the corner of your next upgrade. Overall this item just does not see enough play because it's competing with too many other items that just outshine it in terms of stats and abilities.

Kuldra's Sheepstick

The final CC item in our arsenal is Totem of Kuldra, the famous Kuldra's Sheepstick. This item is really expensive, being composed of a ManaTube, a Blessed Orb, and a Acolyte's Staff for a total of 5675 gold. This item really has only somewhat often play in competition by Wretched Hag players. This is due to the fact that it just takes so much to put this item together and most of the time the average gold per minute for someone who isn't capable of devastating creep waves and the jungle sits somewhere around 200-300 gold per minute. What this means is that if you are doing your job as support and buying wards and support items for your team you are already behind by about 3-4K gold.

So in the end you need to farm up around 8-9K total in a game, and with such a low gold per minute average that puts you looking to complete this item not until at least 30 minutes into the game, and that's if you aren't stacking up any deaths. Even with these limitations, if you can pick up a sheepstick your team is bound to be happy with their extra bit of control, and the kills your team racks up will keep going outwards.

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