HON Ophelia Introduction

by JarrodP on Mar.22, 2010, under Guides, News

Introduction to Heroes of Newerth Ophelia

Heroes of Newerth Ophelia

I know many people may be wondering, "Who the heck is Ophelia? I have rarely seen her played and I don't know one thing about her!" Well, here is the low-down on the fantastic support character.


Hon Opehlia Nature's WrathNature's Wrath - Ophelia unleashes the powers of nature on a target enemy unit, slowing it. When the effects expire, the target unit will take additional damage equal to a percentage of the damage taken while the effect was active.

Hon Ophelia's JudgmentOphelia's Judgment - Ophelia judges a target unit, dealing variable damage to it if it's an enemy, or teleporting it to safety if it's an ally. Instantly teleports units that Ophelia controls

HON Ophelia's CommandCommand - Ophelia takes command of a non-boss NPC's mind, gaining control of it. Units under Ophelia's command gain increased Health, Health regeneration, and Mana regeneration.

HON Ophelia's TouchOphelia's Touch - Ophelia's love for living creatures allows her to conjure up powerful healing magic, healing all allied heroes on the map and fully regenerating units under her command.

The skills are pretty self explanatory. Nature's Wrath slows a target and all damage done to that target is increased. This is great at the beginning of a fight or for preventing someone from getting away. Ophelia's Judgment causes damage to an enemy character or sends an allied character back to the spawn, great for saving your allied heroes lives. Command takes control of a non-boss enemy NPC and gives them a boost to life. And Ophelia's Touch heals all controlled NPCs and all allies. This is great for preventing deaths of allies and allowing them to keep in their lane to keep pushing a tower.


Ophelia is dependent on her mana-regen ability and her life pool. She can be very squishy and she uses mana like it is going out of style. Also her ultimate has a long cool-down which can be reduced by the Staff of the Masters. My suggestion is to get some Talisman of Exile, Nome's Wisdom, Plated Greaves, Astrolabe, and Staff of the Masters. This item combination will make you the perfect support character. You will be granting both life and mana regen. You can heal your allies twice, once with your ultimate and once with Astrolabe. You give your allies a good boost to armor. And then if you have the money go for Whispering Helm, this will allow you to get one more creep.


My perfect trio for creeps is Wolfman Commander (+30% base damage aura) Minotaur Champion (+15 Attack Speed Aura) and Vagabond Leader (+3 Health Regen Aura). This will not only significantly increase your own damage and survivability, but when you get in those fights it will greatly help your allies as well. The damage aura's paired with that of Andromeda, or Moonqueen, or Arachna will make your team incredibly powerful.

Have fun and good luck


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