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by JarrodP on May.04, 2010, under Guides

Hereos of Newerth Pharaoh Guide

HoN PharaohPharaoh is another character that I enjoy playing. He has great ganking, lane-ing, and initiating abilities. He is the utility tool in your toolbox and has so many uses.


Hellfire: Heroes of Newerth HellfirePharaoh conjures plumes of fire around him for a short duration, hitting random nearby enemy targets, damaging each and stunning them briefly.

Mana cost: 75
Cooldown: 32/28/24/20 seconds

Explanation: Hellfire is a skill that when used correctly will absolutely destroy your enemy. The ideal scenario for this skill to be used is when encountering an enemy hero by himself, because it will cause some serious damage to him since all the impacts will focus on him. The skill is also extremely useful when chasing a lone hero who is trying to run away, because it will allow you to easily keep up with him if you just stay by his side without hitting him, all this while your friends pound on him.

Wall of Mummies: Heroes of Newerth Wall of MummiesPharaoh summons a wall of Mummies around himself and anyone close enough to him. Enemies who come close will be pushed away, causing damage and draining some Mana.

Mana cost: 50/60/70/80
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Explanation: This skill can be used offensively and defensively to great effect. Combined with the Pharaoh’s ultimate, it is one of the most effective ganking skills in the game, you use it to trap your enemies after a well placed ulti, and then you activate your hellfire to wreck the enemy. Yet, it can also be used without the ultimate, as you can simply catch up to an enemy after an ally stuns him, and use it to keep him trapped. However, this skill also has an amazing defensive use, countless times I have saved myself while running from the enemy by going along a narrow path.

Tormented Soul: Heroes of Newerth Tormented SoulPharaoh unleashes a tormented soul toward a target location anywhere on the map. The soul self destructs when it reaches the designated location, releasing its dark energy to damage nearby enemies.

Mana cost: 50
Cooldown: 30/25/20/15 seconds

Explanation: My favorite skill in the whole game. Period. This skill has so many uses, which not only have GREAT benefits for the player using the Pharaoh, but it can also be used as a major asset for your team in general. This skill guarantees you can always farm due to its moderate but effective for last hitting damage, its incredibly low mana cost, and its fast cooldown. Not only good for farming though, you will be able to constantly harass heroes from a safe distance. So for you, this skill means you can last hit creeps easily and constantly, you can harass enemy heroes constantly, you can last hit enemy heroes when you need a kill and you can do all of this from anywhere on the map.

Wrath of the Pharaoh: Heroes of Newerth Wrath of the PharaohPharaoh directs all of his focus in a target direction. His focus is so intense it takes physical form as it travels in the desired direction. If it impacts with an enemy unit, it will damage and stun them and Pharaoh will charge toward its location.

Mana Cost: 150
Cooldown: 80/60/40 seconds

Explanation: This skill, again like all of Pharaohs skills, has defensive and offensive uses. The obvious offensive use is to fire it at an enemy, set up your Wall of Mummies, activate your Hellfire, and lay waste to him. He won’t even know what hit him. The best two things about this skill, are the speed at which the “hook” travels, and the extremely long distance it can reach. Many a times have I killed opponents which had been out of sight for a while , just by firing a well placed Wrath of the Pharaoh at the direction at which they were running, and finishing them off. This skill will remain useful throughout the game because it virtually guarantees no enemy will ever get away from you. At early and mid game, it is also an amazing skill to gank, you can stay out enemy sight while he is farming a lane, and then fire your Wrath of the Pharaoh and pound on him while a teammate helps you out.


  1. Tormented Soul
  2. Wall of Mummies
  3. Wall of Mummies
  4. Tormented Soul
  5. Hell Fire
  6. Wrath of the Pharaoh
  7. Hell Fire
  8. Tormented Soul
  9. Wall of Mummies
  10. Tormented Soul
  11. Wrath of the Pharaoh
  12. Hell Fire
  13. Wall of Mummies
  14. Hell Fire
  15. Attribute
  16. Wrath of the Pharaoh
  17. -25. Attribute


Early Game

Power supply for the mana and health replenish. Makes it great to stay in the lane and not have to go back to the pool just to stay alive and regain mana and health. Scarab to increase your mana regeneration rate. While all of your skills do not cost a great deal of mana, you do utilize them constantly. That combined with a relatively low mana pool means you are burning through mana really quickly.

Mid Game

Helm of the Black Legion because you are a tanking. Your primary role is that of a tank/initiator/support. You need to be able to stay alive and the increased health regeneration will definitely do that. Runed Axe will increase damage making you more effective in those team fights, increase your health regen which just makes you that much harder to kill, and increases your mana regeneration which means you can cast your spells all the more often. Daemonic Breastplate is a must for any Pharaoh. As Pharaoh you have a ridiculously slow attack speed. I am sure you could throw telephone poles in real life faster than this guy attacks. The increased attack speed will actually make you an effective damage dealer in those group fights. That combined with the armor increase, allied attack speed and armor increase, and enemy armor reduction, will make you an effective efficient tank/support

Luxury Items

Behemoth's Heart. It is pretty self explanatory. Huge health increase, ridiculous health regeneration rate. Makes you pretty damn hard to kill.

Skill combination

Wrath of the Pharaoh to zoom to the enemy. Wall of Mummies to trap the enemy and push away any others away. Hellfire so they can't cast any of their skills and does some pretty good damage. Tormented Soul for some easy magic damage while you wail on the guy. Rinse and repeat. All your skills have a pretty quick cooldown so don't be afraid to use your skills constantly. Use Tormented Soul to scout areas, kill creeps, harass enemies, and get final hits on a run away enemy hero.
Enjoy and Happy Hunting

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  • Axxhelairon

    Yeah, I don't know if your read your comments, and I haven't bothered looking any other guides, but this is, to me, completely wrong. You don't build items like that, that's generally a wrong skillbuild, and you seem to be confused on his role. He is an initiator/ganker, who, due to being str and all items you build on him, will accel at tanking after you initiate.

    You don't get wall of mummies first, that's just stupid. You're going to trap someone in with you for two seconds ( I beleive that's the first skill duration ) and not accomplish much. You want skills that provide utility first, and Hellfire, despite not having boots, is almost always a better choice to start with. Then you rank tormented soul, and then wall. You do NOT need to rank up Hellfire again until after 11, all it does is decrease the cooldown and increase the damage per tick. There has never been a time that the hellfire damage early game would have made enough of a different that a tormented soul wouldn't have finished it off, and you really aren't ganking THAT much so the cooldown decrease is not too significant. Spam soul on their heroes and try and time it so you can get last hits with it as well.

    Items, well you got mana battery and hotbl right. Scarab? What a waste. You're going to sell that back later anyway, it's a complete waste of a slot to pick up RoB, and abyssal skull will do you no good at all. Runed axe? You have to be kidding me. Your job as pharaoh is to initiate and help others do damage, and pick off a few kills that way while not detracting from your true carry in too harmful of a way. Runed axe is a terrible joke. Daemonic breastplate is even worse. You're not going to be tanking towers, you can get away from literally every melee excursion (except maybe wildsoul or magebane, but even so) so armor is sort of wasted on you. If you were building it like a tank (I still dont reccomend this) you would probably want magic damage absorption. You didn't even mention boots, but I guess you assume that it is due to it being situational. You're wrong. You will never need to get any other type of boots instead of Ghost marchers. Travelers would be a complete luxary due to your abillity to move quickly across the map to heroes anyway.

    You build mana battery, ghost marchers, hotbl, and then, your most important item. Core, for every game you ever play. You may even skip finishing hotbl for this. You get Staff of the Master. It allows you to do your multiple row fill way better then a runed axe would ever provide. You get more health for being a better initiator-tank, more mana for casting your spells (which you really need), a cooldown decrease to 20 seconds on ultimate, and the abillity to latch on to allied heroes with your ultimate as well. After you build that, you may want to build Shrunken Head if you really can farm that well, and then any sort of tanky luxary item (Heart, Barbed armor, Daemonic, etc). Your argument for increasing Pharaoh's attack speed to help him be useful in fights is completely unresearched. The reason you don't go super carry on pharaoh and get a shieldbreaker cleaver is that Pharaoh's attack animation is way too slow to be effectively boosted by any increased attack speed, or atleast you will never hit as fast any other hero is able to do. Yeah I can build a shieldbreaker demented shaman build, but i don't see how that would be fufilling dshams role as a support / semi intiator, because dsham has an inabillity to even do as remotely good as a farmed puppet master would do (not saying puppet should get shieldbreaker).

    This has been my opinion on the matter. I generally do really well as pharaoh every game building how I play, so I think i'm doing it correctly. I just have personally never seen anyone do something close to your build.

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