HoN and Ventrilo

by JarrodP on May.26, 2010, under News

Heroes of Newerth and Ventrilo?

So my curiosity has gotten the best of me. My friends and I use Ventrilo all the time for Heroes of Newerth, but anyone else I run across and ask does not. I have put together this little poll to find out some responses. Please take the time to fill it out, no registration is required.

Do you currently use Ventrilo for HoN?

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Personally, I have been using Ventrilo in every game I have played. I really could not think of gaming, raiding or competing with out Ventrilo. PLUG INCOMING! I am going to give Typefrag.com a shout out as they have amazing Ventrilo Servers.


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  • Kossak

    I have used ventrilo and teamspeak a while ago, but MUMBLE is just way better than everything else. Just go on any mumble server and compare voice quality and latency. When i did this i was so suprised that i switched to mumble, so my friends too. Ventrilo is not good choice if you take into account voice quality and latency, which are quite important in games.

  • Tortus

    Mumble is better than both teamspeak and ventrilo, check it out... much less delay and much clearer transmition!

  • Tortus

    AGREE KOSSAK! I have used them both as well but
    Mumble is better than both teamspeak and ventrilo, check it out... much less delay and much clearer transmition!

  • x3style

    I use Skype i can't vote as there is no option to reflect my choice.

  • Elvis

    How does Skype work with multiple people?

  • Kame

    Aye, where is the mumble option?

  • JLou

    Definitively mumble.

  • Mhmm

    It's "than." Better "than."

  • Ragna The Bloodedge

    Skype is all i need

  • Kvist


    Skype sucks as it lacks the push-to-talk option, and it's not open source = the future of the application is in the hands of someone that wants to make money out of it - same as with Ventrilo.

  • MacSpawn

    Mumble. Vent and TS are over...

  • ogge


    @Kvist, how can it be a bad thing that you don't have to press a button before you can speak? That push-to-talk is just annoying and limiting. And if your mom comes in to your room you can always just mute the mic you know..

  • TypeX_007

    uhm.. maybe this sounds stupid but i use skype :P
    and otherwise mumble :D
    u have to buy those other programs, dont u?

  • Kagehell

    Skype works fine, no delay noticed, and the voice comes clear like crystal, my second option is Xfire, that works great too. Well, like the others, none option is pickable by me. =P

    This poll options are very limited, you guys just assumed that the only 2 vo-ip programs usable are TS and Vent. lol.

  • subbybear

    mumble > TS > vent

    Skype is good and getting better but for now, mumble is king.

  • Simbamatic

    Typefrag has been giving me a lot of issues lately and their only excuse is that they're getting DdoS'd.

    Works great the rest of the time. Small, simple and streamlined. Team speak is weak as hell.

  • C.O.

    When you say "ventrilo is better!" what do you mean? How is it better than teamspeak?! Why would you use another client, when you already have one implemented? Is it because you hear your mates better? Is it because it gives you more options?!? Teamspeak is completely enough imho.

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