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HoN Crowd Control Part 1 of 2

by JarrodP on Apr.30, 2010, under Guides

Crowd control is the king of all multi-player games where it's allowed. If control is used effectively you can leave your opponents looking like fools, banging their heads against the wall, and hating you with a passion. At the same time when misused, crowd control can make your teammates hate you when you leave them hanging with a bad control. HoN is no different in this regard so let's take a look at the primary CC items in the game.

The three hard CC items in HoN are Stormspirit, Hellflower, and Kuldra's Sheepstick. I'm also throwing Tablet of Command and Frostfield Plate on this cc list, because while they are not strictly a hard CC it is capable of forcing the other team into some tricky positions, sometimes cutting an entire player out of thier team, making it worth of being called crowd control. Most of these items are going to be seen on an INT hero, or a AGI/STR support hero, such as Behemoth. What this means is that cost is a huge factor in obtaining these items, especially in competitive play, where these are the same types of heroes that are going to be primarily responsible for picking up those all important wards of sight and revelation.

The cheapest crowd control item is Tablet of Command, the force stick, which sits at a measly 2040 gold buying cost, making it easiest to afford of all these items. On top of this one of its components, the major totem sits in the side shop, so when you need a bit of extra hp and staying power in the lane early on you can pick this up relatively easily.

ToC tosses you 6str, 6agi, 16int, and a fun and useful escape movement boost/fight initiation/crowd control force push ability. For such a little amount of gold and such a lot of utility this item is really powerful. However it's often overlooked due to the fact that it isn't a hard CC and there are a lot of other lower cost support items that while they are not CC they bring a lot to the team, such as Nome's Wisdom(2300), Astrolabe(2306), and even Puzzlebox 1(2350). Personally I love this item but I just can't seem to grab it often enough due to other options that just seem to be better spent gold.

Newerth Tablet of Command

The cheapest of the hard crowd control items is Stormspirit, the cyclone stick, sitting at a flat 3000 gold. If we break down the build-up of this item you can see that it breaks up into four pieces that, none of which break the 1000 gold mark, which makes this a relatively simple item to build up. The thing about Stormspirit is that it only has one component out of the side shot(Scarab) making you have to rely on the courier to ferry you some items. Not only that but for an early game CC it's got two medium components in the Manatube and the Neophyte's Book, which means you probably won't be picking this item up until mid game, and even later if you choose to grab a Nome's or an Astrolabe before some CC.

Newerth StormSPirit

I'm personally a big fan of the cyclonestick for two reasons and I love to hate on it for one. The best thing about cyclone stick is that it lets you chase, making it a great item on a really roaming Thunderbringer, a rocketing Chipper, a ward ganking Pollywog, and a number of other such heroes. To let you chase it gives you both a small movement speed boost of +25 and a 2.5 second blast of whirling wind to let you and your teammates get closer to the target. The second thing that makes this such a great item is it's defensive capabilities. Just got cursed grounded? No problem, just cyclone yourself. The enemy carry is all up in your face, and he has that Shrunken Head activated? Self Cyclone.

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Heroes of Newerth Patch Notes 0.3.5

by JarrodP on Apr.28, 2010, under Patches

Latest Heroes of Newerth Patch - Version 0.3.5

- Fixed the 'terrain being black' bug


  • Tweaked effects on Frostfield Plate to better match the area (Thanks to Warchamp7)
  • Kuldra's Sheepstick will now dispel stealth on its target
  • Monkey Courier now has a three second cool down between purchases
  • Nullfire Blade's purge no longer passes through Magic Immunity
  • Tablet of Command
    • No longer be castable on Magic Immune units
    • Cooldown lowered from 25s to 16s
  • Icebrand
    • Reduced recipe cost by 200
    • Now uses a Bolstering Armband rather than Fleetfeet
    • Removed agility bonus, increased strength to +16 from +15
    • The movement speed slow now lasts 2.5 seconds when wielded by a melee hero, still 1.5 seconds when wielded by ranged
    • The slow now stacks in strength with consecutive applications
    • * Each attack applies a stacking 3% movement speed slow. Stacks a maximum of 5 times, for a 15% slow
  • Firebrand
    • Reduced recipe cost by 200
    • Now uses a Fleetfeet rather than Bolstering Armband
    • Removed Strength bonus, increased agility to +16 from +15
  • Frostburn
    • Total cost reduced by 400 (as a result of IceBrand and FireBrand changes)
    • Agility and Strength bonuses lowered to +16 each (from +21)
    • Attackspeed bonus lowered to +20 from +30
    • The movement speed slow now lasts 3.5 seconds when wielded by a melee hero, 2.5 seconds when wielded by ranged
    • The slow now stacks in strength with consecutive applications
    • * Each attack applies a stacking 3% movement speed slow. Stacks a maximum of 5 times, for a 15% slow


  • Tweaked Fissure's effects to improve performance
  • Delay on casting Tar Toss reduced to 0.25 seconds (from 0.4), projectile travel time increased to 0.75 seconds (from 0.35)
  • Increases total delay on the impact by 0.25 seconds
Corrupted Disciple
  • Base damage changed to 44-48 from 44-52
  • Damage on Engineer's ult will no longer harm couriers or other splash-immune units
  • Guillotine is now renamed to Slice
  • The mana destruction is now reduced based on the number of hero targets hit. Destroys 6/12/18/24% of maximum mana, minus 1/2/3/4% per additional target hit (hitting 2 targets would destroy 20% mana each, hitting 3 targets would destroy 16% mana, etc).
  • Shadow Stance: Stuns for 1/1.5/2/2.5 s
  • Scyth Stance: Burns Mana
  • Burning Shadows
  • Now travels 160 units farther
  • Illusions now attack 1,2,3,4 times and deal 70 damage per attack
  • Illusions are now smaller so they don't stack over heroes
  • Illusions will now chase heroes properly
  • Shadow Stance: Burns Mana instantly when they are hit (same % as Slice)
  • Scythe Stance: Stuns
  • Dark Shield removed. Replaced with Scythe Stance and Shadow Stance
  • On use, switches between Shadow and Scythe Stance
  • Starts in Scythe Stance
  • No Manacost. 48/36/24/12s cooldown.
  • Cannot switch Stances if either Slice or Burning Shadows are in cooldown
  • Passive component: Blocks damage based on Stance. 50 damage per charge (max 1,2,3,4 charges, gains one charge every 10 seconds). Ignores damage less than 25.
  • Blocks magic in Shadow Stance. Blocks physical in Scythe Stance
  • Example: You have 4 charges and are in Shadow Stance. Get nuked by a 300 dmg nuke. All charges removed and nuke damage lowered to 100.
  • Reflection reworked
  • Still grants stealth and the seamless illusion. Manacost/cooldown/duration unchanged
  • Illusion no longer gives experience to Fayde
  • Applies 3 second DoT on attack from stealth and stealth is removed/illusion killed. No longer has extra stealth (exits stealth immediately).
  • DoT no longer snares
  • DoT damage set to 75/125/175 DPS. Deals Physical damage by default (in Scythe Stance), deals Magic damage in Shadow Stance.
  • Invibility from the ult is not removed when changing between Shadow/Scythe Stances
Forsaken Archer
  • Base damage tweaked to 44-50 from 40-51
  • Call of the Damned can now be toggled to prevent skeletons from instantly spawning when killing units. Instead, it will build up charges which can be used at will to spawn skeletons at a later time.
  • Unholy Shackles attack + movement speed slow lowered to 20/30/40/50% from 30/40/50/60%
  • Summon Malphas mana cost increased to 200/300/400 from 200/250/300
  • Number of controllable creeps reduced to 1/1/2/3 from 1/2/2/3
  • Fixed an issue causing the passive third ability to play an overly loud sound

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Fayde Strategy Guide

by JarrodP on Apr.26, 2010, under Guides

Introduction to Heroes of Newerth Fayde HoN FaydeFayde is the newest hero released on Heroes of Newerth, she is classified jungle ganker/semi-carry hero. Though she was designed to gank jungle heroes, the same strategy can be applied to heroes in lanes though it may be harder to do with proper map awareness on yor enemies part.

Primary Attribute - Agility
Str 18
Agi 21
Intl 20

Fayde Skills

HON GuillotineGuillotine - This skill does mana burn and aoe damage in the radius around you. The cast time is instant and it has a low cooldown, though at the beginning you have a low mana pool so it is not recommended to use this for farming or harassing until you have a larger mana pool and regen.

HON Burning ShadowsBurning Shadows - This skill has a visual similar to Andromeda's Aurora but it is black, whoever you hit with this skill will get stunned for upto 2.5 seconds at max. Their shadow will then rise and start attacking them, dealing 4 hits for upto 70 magic damage each totalling 280 magic damage. Keep in mind this skill only hits heroes and has no effect when used on creeps, so this cannot be used as a farming tool. Also this skill takes any passive or attack modifiers the enemies may have and their shadows will hurt them with that, be it magebane's manaburn, a corrupted disciple's frostburn, a predator's shieldbreaker, e.t.c.

HON Dark ShieldDark Shield - This is your getaway skill, it allows you to hopefully escape and avoid being punished in bad situations, with a 12 second cooldown this skill applies dark shield to you for 3 seconds, during that time you have increased movement speed and unitwalking, though you also have 100% evasion so any physical attacks that hit you will miss during those 3 seconds. Think of this as a mini Ghost Marchers with evasion that costs mana.

H0N Reflection SkillReflection - With this you immediately create an illusion of yourself, that illusion does 100% of your damage but takes 300% damage, during your time invisible, 40 seconds at all level, you can attack targets upto 5 times at max, each attack applies a 45% movement speed reduction and a 20 magic damage dot per attack. Keep in mind your illusion is instantly killed when you land you first attack from stealth but you will not be revealed until you run out of time/charges or use a skill.

Item Build and Strategy

Due to Fayde being an agi ganker, she should start off with pretender's crown or minor totem, a logger's hatchet and runes of the blight. From there she should use her fast attack animation to farm in a lane with someone who can solo the lane when you go gank, it is recommended that you take the hard lane to get access to enemy jungle, that being upper lane Legion and bottom lane Hellbourne. I do recommend building for steamboots over ghost marchers because dark shield gives you chasing ability with unit walking, and increased movement speed. Then she should build Nullfire Blade for extra mana drain, and Frostwolf's skull for ganking ability. Abyssal Skull should come next and Savage Mace, Wingbow are luxury items useful for Fayde. Shieldbreaker, Frostburn, Whispering Helm, Symbol Of Rage are all items you can go for if you don't want Frostwolf's skull but it is not recommended to try and build her like a carry.

Ganking with Fayde is easy. Use your illusion to max advantage, bait the enemies to use their spells on your illusion or just bait them to the shadows or into the jungle. Pop in attacking and using your stun and mana drain before they can escape. Keep in mind you are invisible when using your ult so any bound eye's, ward of revelation, level 3 puzzlebox minions and tower sight will reveal you.


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Heroes of Newerth Patch Notes

by JarrodP on Apr.21, 2010, under Patches

Latest Heroes of Newerth Patch - Version

  • Fixed Fayde's tooltip for Reflection to correctly state that the Illusion is killed when she lands her first attack from stealth.
  • Fixed Fayde's model to not be a teapot. Sorry if you like teapots.
  • Fixed the hero overlay 'sticking'

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Heroes of Newerth Patch Notes 0.3.4

by JarrodP on Apr.21, 2010, under Patches

Latest Heroes of Newerth Patch - Version 0.3.4



  • Life Steal items, except for Abyssal Skull, are now exclusive attack modifiers (will not stack with Frostburn, Frostwolf's Skull, etc)
  • Dominating neutral creeps (using Ophelia or Whispering Helm) will no longer cause the dominated creep's camp to stack less than 3 times total A Doombringer can no longer be killed, transferred to your stash, sold, or held by a courier / Wildsoul bear. Once someone buys a Doombringer, it's in the game for good!
  • * NOTE: This means that if you buy a Doombringer on a Courier / Wildsoul bear, then it will immediately drop the Doombringer. Beware!
  • Matchmaking will now sort players from top to bottom according to SMR
  • Fixed an issue where the loading race number carries over to the next game, it should be reset properly each match now
  • Right clicking images for the various game mode/options on the "Join Game" notification should now close the notification properly
  • "Official" and "Official - No Stats" icons properly appear in the first column in the game browser now with their appropriate tooltip
  • Hovering over locked or unlocked slots in the game lobby will display the appropriate "Locked" or "Unlocked" tooltip now
  • Fixed the Jail Bars appearing mis-aligned when a player is locked on the Hellbourne side in the game lobby
  • Fixed the right click host visible menu appearing half cut-off if used on the Hellbourne side of the game lobby
  • Added an tooltip to the host's lock/unlock button indicating that slots can not be locked in the "Auto Balanced" game mode
  • Empty hero picker icons no longer react to mouseover/clicks as if they're active
  • Fixed an issue where players who tried to add friends during the first few days of open beta experienced issues trying to request new friends got a message indicating they had already requested them and needed to wait. They should no longer need to wait any longer than 60 seconds to re-request their a friend
  • Fixed an issue where certain players would always be flagged with a PSR of "N/A", resulting in 100% win chance for their team
  • The notification history now adds the most recent notifications to the top of the list
  • Fixed a small animation on the effect indicators
  • Fixed a bug which caused music to not loop
  • Removed that non working update button
  • Sending buddy/clan whispers to players in /afk mode will no longer return a response indicating that the player was AFK with the reason
  • If a player wishes to not see buddy/clan whispers they can use /dnd mode and it will stop those messages from being delivered to them
  • Startup.cfg fixes (credit to Notausgang)
  • SetSave is now properly quoted and escaped
  • BindButton, BindImpulse, etc is now properly escaped
  • Alias is now properly quoted and escaped

UI modding enhancements (credit to Notausgang/Tisser):

  • Added new UI function IsEnabled. (Credit to Tisser)
  • Added a new UI function EscapeString(str). It scans the input string for any \ or ' characters and adds a backslash before them
  • Don't do this twice to the same string! That will likely cause the result to be invalid
  • Added new UI_CMD() AddTemplateListItemWithSortReversed() that takes the same parameters as AddTemplateListItemWithSort() but adds the newest elements to the top of the list instead of the end (so the newest item appears at the top of the widget.)


Barbed Armor
- Fixed it returning damage to owners of gadgets that deal damage (Voodoo's Ward, Defiler Spirits, etc)

- Damage multiplier is now constant while the effect is on them (+20%), not a burst at the end
- Now perplexes

Mock of Brilliance
- Damage will not be dealt if a Courier holds the Mock

Nome's Wisdom
- Recipe cost increased to 600 from 260

Restoration Stone
- Now properly gives the sum of it's parts in bonuses

Savage Mace
- Damage increased to 88 (proper sum of it's parts)


New Hellbourne Agi Hero Fayde


  • Sped up the quills for his quill spray


  • Fixed Announcer


  • Fixed a small Multicast issue


  • Reduce walk noises by 66%
  • Tweak footsteps, more organic sounding
  • Mana cost of rockets set to 50/60/70/85 from 50/65/80/95
  • Hitting a target with rockets within 175 units will now deal full damage, rather than half
  • Tar Toss is now Physical instead of Magic, but can be removed by Purge, Shrunken Head activation, etc
  • Reworked Focus Buffer
  • Now absorbs 150/300/450/600 Magic damage
  • Buff lasts 20 seconds
  • 20 second cooldown
    • Sawblade Showdown can now be boosted by Staff of the Master
    • Increases range to 1000 from 700
    • Applies a 70% snare to all enemies inside of the saws

Corrupted Disciple

  • Recommended Item tweaks


  • Fixed the turret sometimes not being able to fire the last 2 shots of the burst
  • Fixed the turret not using 1/16th of its mana per shot when it got more mana


  • Tormented Soul no longer draws on the minimap


  • Ward health lowered to 60/110/160/210


  • Movespeed lowered by 5


  • Radius of the stun is now consistent across all levels at 225


  • Call of the Valkyrie cast time reduced from 1.33s to 0.6s

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Succubus Strategy Guide

by JarrodP on Apr.17, 2010, under Guides

Heroes of Newerth Guide - Succubus

Heores of Newerth SuccubusSuccubus is another one of my favorite characters that rarely gets played. She can be the master disabler/crowd control. She has the potential to disable or render useless a minimum of 3 heroes just using her skills. If you give her Kuldra's Sheepstick and a StormSpirit. That number just went up to 5. She will eat alive intelligence based casters. Weak versus strength based heroes because of their high health pool.

Succubus Skills

Primary Attribute - Intelligence
Str 18
Agi 18
Intl 18

Succubus Talents

HoN Succubus TalentSmitten - Succubus causes a target enemy to be smitten with her beauty. Drastically reduces their base attack damage.

Type: Magic
Range: 1,000
Cast Time: 1.0 Seconds
Mana Cost: 125
Cooldown: 15.0 Seconds
Required Level: 1 / 3 / 5 / 7


Applies Smitten to target for 20 seconds.
Smitten Effects
-30 / -60 / -90 / -120% Base Damage

HoN Succubus TalentHeartache - Succubus breaks the heart of a foe, and feeds of the despair it causes, simultaneously damaging the enemy and healing herself.

Type: Magic
Range: 600
Cast Time: 1.0 Seconds
Mana Cost: 125 / 150 / 175 / 200
Cooldown: 20.0 Seconds
Required Level: 1 / 3 / 5 / 7


Deals 75 / 150 / 225 / 300 True damage to target unit, and heals self for 75 / 150 / 225 / 300.

HoN Succubus TalentMesmerize - Succubus mesmerizes a target. The target becomes completely disabled, and takes some damage over time. If any unit attacks the mesmerized target, the effects are passed to them.

Type: Magic
Range: 500 / 550 / 600 / 650
Cast Time: 1.0 Seconds
Mana Cost: 165
Cooldown: 15.0 Seconds
Required Level: 1 / 3 / 5 / 7


Applies Mesmerize to target for 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 seconds.
Mesmerize Effects
Immunity Type: Indirect Immunity
20 True damage every 1 second. When attacked, Mesmerize is removed and transferred to attacker.

HoN Succubus TalentSuccubus' Hold - Succubus drains the essence of an enemy, dealing damage over time and stealing mana. While being drained, the target enemy is unable to act.

Type: Magic
Range: 625
Channeling Time: 1.0 Seconds
Mana Cost: 100 / 175 / 250
Cooldown: 120.0 Seconds
Required Level: 6 / 11 / 16


Applies Succubus' Hold to target for duration of the channel.
This ability can be boosted by Staff of the Master.
Succubus' Hold Effects
100 / 155 / 215 Magic damage per second. 5% of maximum mana drained per second and given to inflicter.

Talent Order

Here is how I think you should focus your talent points.

  1. Heartache
  2. Mesmerize
  3. Heartache
  4. Mesmerize
  5. Heartache
  6. Succubus' Hold
  7. Smitten
  8. Heartache
  9. Mesmerize
  10. Smitten
  11. Succubus' Hold
  12. Mesmerize
  13. Smitten
  14. Smitten
  15. Stats
  16. Succubus' Hold
  17. 17 -> 25 - Stats

I play Succubus very competitively. I build her to disable several enemies and render others useless while my team can do heavy damage unhindered.

I get a bottle to start. Hopefully someone will buy a courier on your team. If not you will have to learn to utilize the runes to refill your bottle.

I usually sit in my lane until level 6. Once level 6 rolls around I be sure to hit the enemy once with heartache to drop their health down a bit. I regain some mana and then I go in for the kill. Succubus' Hold followed by a quick Heartache will almost surely kill any level 6 in the middle lane. If you play it right, get a couple of hero kills, creep kills, and don't die you should end up with a Staff of the Masters in around 20 minutes (this time is for Easy Mode, it is longer for regular mode). After I get the first kill or maybe even a second kill (If you got one early before level 6) I begin to gank on the top or bottom lanes. If you can grab an invisibility rune, you will almost always have a successfulful gank. Mesmerize is great for setting up your team mates. It allows them to catch up and get around the enemy for the gank.

Item Build

Kuldra's Sheepstick - Gives you another disable and a high amount of mana and mana regeneration.

Shrunken Head - Allows you to continue your ultimate ability in the face of a lot of stunners.

Ghost Marchers - Great speed and a boost to damage

Null Stone - Great attribute boost, Prevents one harmful spell. High mana and health regeneration

Staff of the Master - Attribute, mana, and health boost. Also greatly increases the lethality of your ultimate ability.

Hellflower - More mana regeneration. Great damage and attack speed increase. Also will make your ultimate absolutely devastating with the hellflower effect.

Bottle (3/3) - Obvious reasons. Mana and health regeneration

All in all, I love playing Succubus. She can mess with people and do some great damage. She can render half of a team absolutely useless and force the other 2 to fend for themselves. It requires some coordination with your team so you know which ones are being disabled so time isn't wasted killing the ones who can't do anything.


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New Hero, "The Chipper," Basic Strategy Guide

by JarrodP on Apr.10, 2010, under Guides, News

Introduction To Heroes of Newerth - The Chipper

HoN Chipper HeroEveryone say welcome to the brand new legion intelligence hero, The Chipper. I consider him a skill shot ganker. Well a skillshot is something like engineer's keg, pharoah's soul and ultimate, e.t.c. The key being that you have to manually target where it will hit and try to hit the enemy with it. Not as simple as targeting the enemy and pressing the button, some skill is involved. This hero is a new S2 original design, and as every new hero has seen, he will be repeatedly balanced and tweaked to fit more and more into the current metagame.

Chipper Skills

HON Rocket Barrage SkillRocket Barrage - This skill levels up initally like pandamonium's flurry and slithers wards, as you level it up you gain charges to a maximum of 3. This skill is a long range nuke. being 3000 units away and moving faster than valkyrie's arrow, this skill will hit the first enemy it can. It can be used to stop channels since you can fire a barrage relatively quickly and each hit will ministun the target. Perfect for countering Electrician grab. It is best to conserve rockets until higher levels or if you can spam your bottle courier enough since it does drain your mana quite a bit. Keep in mind, the further away you are the more damage this skill does. So try not to stand right next to the person while you are firing. Save it for a killshot.

HON Tartoss SkillTar Toss - Again a skill that requires a bit of skill to hit, since whoever you hit with it at first will only be counted, people walking into the aoe afterwards are not subject to the slow. It is easier to land this when someone is stunned or disabled as you need to keep this centered on the target for max effect. Another good thing to remember about tar toss, if you can hit them with a rocket while they have the tar toss debuff on, they will 'burn', meaning that they will take damage over time for the duration of the slow. Tar toss also debuffs the targets attack speed, so save this for their carry.

HON Focus Buffer SkillFocus Buffer - This skill is similar to dissipate, one of sand wraith's abilities, but this skill only counts for 20% of all magic damage. The person you cast this skill on will take 20% reduced damage from magic and then it will be reflected to every enemy in the area. This skill stays on a person for 2x the cooldown, so make sure you are putting this on at least 2 people during teamfights..

HON Sawblade Showdown SkillSawblade Showdown - This ultimate also requires a bit of skill to use, but has a lot more usefulness than just dealing damage. Sawblade slowdown uses vector targeting, which allows you to place it any direction you want. Think of how Behemoth uses his Fissure. Block enemies from leaving the area and your team can have easy kills. This combined with your other skills can deal a lot of damage to unsuspecting enemies. Enemies hit by this ultimate are dealt initial damage, continuous damage for standing in the ult and then take damage over time for 'bleeding' damage when they touch the saw blades.
NOTE: Using the Chipper's ULT is not as simple as point and click. You must click, hold and drag in the direction you want the ult to land. Tricky at first but once you get a hang of it, drop it and tar them.

Item Build

Since The Chipper is a ganker/support hero, you should buy a courier or ward with him, while getting your basic minor totems, health regen and a few mana potions in the beginning since rocket barrage is even more mana intensive in the beginning than later. After you should get armor boots, and then immediately get nomes since without it you wont be able to be much help to teammates if you cant get your spells off due to lack of mana. A Bottle (3/3) is also valid on him after boots, as it will help farming Nome's Wisdom. Once you have your nomes, continue to build mana regen/disabling items, such as Stormspirit and Kuldra's Sheepstick. Now you can start your luxury items can range from things like Portal Key, Sacrificial Stone, and Puzzlebox.


The Chipper's rockets have range far enough to check runes from middle lane, they also have the range to harass enemies and stop channeling from distances that the enemy can never get you at. As a ganker type hero you need excellent map awareness, your rockets help you with that. Your rockets are spammable allowing you to scout out area before you or your team go in, such as the forest's, lanes, or secret shop paths. Your tartoss/sawblade showdown/Rocket Barrage combo can completely devastate a team in a large fight.

Since people will want to avoid the sawblade's you should keep this in mind when placing it, best on top of as many people as you can at first to get the initial damage. When teams and standing off use your rockets to harass the enemy team and give you team an idea as to where they are so your initiator can go in with a good idea where people are. Do not forget to keep your focus buffer up on the characters who are likely to be targeted by nukes, it could win you the fight and save their lives. Your best laning partners and team makeup consists of people with aoe stuns and multiple disables.

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Electrician Strategy Guide

by JarrodP on Apr.06, 2010, under Guides

Introduction to Heroes of Newerth - Electrician Strategy Guide

ElectricianElectrician in most cases is a viable hero for new players and veterans, he has a strong disable, a slow/haste skill, a survivability skill and two strong aoe skills. He is a strong ganker and recently with his buffs he has seen a lot of gameplay. If you are playing Electrician or playing against him, always keep in mind that any stun will stop your Static Grip.


Static GripStatic Grip - This skill is quite often chosen first and maxed early for its ability to disable a target for upto 4 seconds, this makes him a great ganker early on and teamed up with swiftblade makes one of the best firstblood lanes in the game. Static grip has a quick animation and good starting range, the move then slowly drags you closer to them until you are next to them, but be careful of stuns and aoe's that you may be dragging youself into.

Electric ShieldElectric Shield - This skill gives you great survivability and a quick way to kill creeps with its mock of brilliance like effects, at the cost of mana being drained for the damage you take. Electric Shield is toggleable with no downtime but cannot be turned on below a certain amount of mana and will turn off when that limit is reached. Until this is maxed, try not to run around with it on. You will find your self having to return to the pool quite often.

Energy AbsorbEnergy Absorption - One of the most underestimated aoe nukes in the game, this skill at max does upto 300 magic damage in an aoe around electrician as well as drains a portion of mana from all targets and gives you mana and movespeed in return. This skill used after Static Grip can allow you to really put a hurting to enemies nearby and change the tide of battles early on. Taking this second is not always bad. This is great for harassing during the start of the game. Simply go in AOE and joust out. Make sure you hit creeps or heroes, that way you refill some of the mana used. If done right, you should be able to limit your returns to the pool.

CleansingCleansing Shock - This is an underestimated ultimate, it purges almost all buffs and debuffs (this includes Jeraziah's shield and Pestilence's swarm), it is a spammable nuke to summons, i.e Malphas, a massive slow to enemies and a haste to allies, this skill also chains between targets with staff of the masters to maximize its efficiency. There is an item that does things similar to this, called Nullfire Blade, but it has a certain amount of charges, upgradable by repurchasing the recipe.

Item Builds

Electrician is mostly played as a tank but he is a ganker type hero. If playing as a main tank, items that give him mana and armor and obviously health are suited best to him. Start off the match with runes of blight, Pretender's Crown, an Iron Shield, and a mana pot or two if you wish. Build up first your boots, Ghost Marchers are recommended because the move speed and unit walking will help you greatly when chasing the enemies down. Bracers are second or it is also recommended getting them before boots if you are having troubles farming, these give you the survivability you need to stay in team fights early on.

A Portal Key is a valid item on electrician because it allows him to get into range quickly to disable an enemy. Shrunken Head is a must for Electrician because of where he places himself in teamfights. Afterwards start to build towards your preferred tank items, Frostfield Plate gives you armor and mana as well as another aoe nuke which slows enemies, Daemonic Breastplate gives you armor and attack speed, as well as putting a debuff of minus armor on the enemies around you. Barrier Idol is recommended on Electrician because it allows you to tank and gives magic protection to allies. End game if you have your items or do not feel others will be useful after your Shrunken Head you can also build a Staff of the Master if your team is doing well.


As a tank disabler it is you task to disable those casters in teamfights, until you have shrunken head because you will be a focus for people to try and get you off of their nuker. When you have Shrunken head you can really grab the person who changes the tide of battle the most and take them out of the fight allowing your team to focus on others. It is suggested to Static Grip heroes like Chronos, Swiftblade, Tempest, Plague Rider and Engineer before they can get their ult off, afterwards or if none are present, focus on heavy nukers like pyro and witch slayer or grab the invisible guy if you have an eye. Keep your shield up in teamfights and go in right after your initiator or at the same time if he does not have a port key. Use Energy Absorbtion afterwards and Cleansing shock people trying to get away or your allies if they are trying to catch them, your moves have a short cooldown so use Static Grip again as soon as its up, But if you are being focused on you may not have the mana to do so, in that case just attack and assist your team until you have mana to do something.

See you on the battle field.


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Demented Shaman Strategy Introduction

by JarrodP on Mar.31, 2010, under Guides

Demented Shaman Introduction

Heroes of Newerth Demented ShamanDemented Shaman is a probably a character that either gets banned in a draft or used quite a bit. DS's versitality is the main reason why he gets banned. He can snare, heal and basically carry a team on its back in a battle.

Demented Shaman Skills

HON EntangleEntangle - This skill is one of many uses, primarily used for ganking with its slow, or stopping a channel with its dual stun. The skill with first cast a ministun on the target, slow them for a few seconds before stunning them again, afterwards it deals a physical damage over time (dot) to the target for every several seconds and can not be debuffed. My strategy is to level this to 3 and finish it off to 4 in late game.

HON Arcane HideArcane Hide - Despite what others may think, this skill is the bread and butter of saving your team or yourself and what makes Demeneted Shaman immensely strong in higher tier games when it is used effectively. This skill protects the target for 5 charges to a maximum total of 100 damage per level of all non-dot dmg from towers, bosses and heroes. So at level 4 it will protect an ally or youself from 400 dmg, that would cut a pyro's ult at lvl 3 in half before magic armor is applied. Simply said, cast this often and on as many people you can.

HON Healing WaveHealing Wave - I cannot count how many times I have recieved a double kill first blood from this skill. To most this is a healing spell, and that it is, but it bounces from target to target within a small radius. Then it either heals or damages the target depending on enemy or ally. At max level it will bounce between 5 targets doing physical damage! So that swiftblade spinning in the middle of 5 creeps isn't immune to it. Keep this in mind as I have seen many noob casters or Scout say "WTF" after trying to cast their ults on a spinning Swiftblade.

HON Storm CloudStorm Cloud - The Holy Grail of Ultimates. Storm Cloud either adds armor to your ally's or takes armor away from your enemies of everyone caught in the cloud. This has an increase effect over time. It starts off at 1 for the first second, and for each second the skill lasts it will either increase or decrease it. Storm Cloud has an amazing range on it, and is great for using right before your team runs in since it best works 10+ seconds into it.

Demented Shaman Item Builds

Starting the game with Demented Shaman, buy a courier or if someone else has get wards. Get a few Minor Totem and some mana regen, and support your carry by harrassing the opposition with Entangle and auto attacks. Your first priority should be Nome's Wisdom, followed by Ghost Marchers and Astrolabe. After astrolabe it is time to go big or go home. Get your self either Puzzlebox, Hellflower, Kuldra's Sheepstick. Played effectively this character will make or break a good team.


Demented Shaman is a support/babysitter, he does not carry, but he does push lanes very fast with his healing wave. In teamfights he is to stay back out of the action and just constantly heal considering it has a 9 second cooldown, and entagle the people trying to get away, or get to you. Dont forget to start the teamfight off with Storm Cloud. Remember this ulti has a positive effect on your team as well as negative on your foe, so use it even if no enemies are around. Always arcane hide the first guy to go in, then after that protect and keep you carry alive. You are to be the last one out of the teamfight and should not be afraid to die to save your carry. If you can not stomach this game play, do not pick this hero as you will ruin the night of your teammates. Good luck and have fun.


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Heroes of Newerth Noob Tutorial Added!

by JarrodP on Mar.26, 2010, under Guides

Heroes of Newerth Tutorial Overview HON Tutorial IconStart Tutorial: This is something that I feel is a good addition. Starting out in HON and not coming from DOTA as a very difficult transition. When you first get into the Tutorial you get the following options:

  • Overview
  • Basic Hero Controls
  • Hero Types
  • Items and Shopping
  • Gold and Experience
  • Laning Phase

Overview gives a good explanation about the objects and the purpose of creeping, foresting and killing the tower.

Basic Hero Controls will go through just that. How to control your Hero.

  1. Right click the green circle on the ground to move your hero.
  2. Right click the four hellbourne creeps to kill them. Auto attacking will start after attacking the first creep.
  3. After completing the above you will be shown how to level up your skills. This is the same concept for all hero types. Keep in mind that some skills are passive and will auto trigger with out any interaction.
  4. Once you train Phoenix Wave, on Pyromancer, it will instruct you how to cast the spell.

Hero Types will go through the difference between Agility, Intelligence and Strength.

  • Agility governs your attack speed and armor. Agility heroes generally focus on dealing damage and direct combat.
  • Intelligence governs your mana pool and mana regeneration rate. Intelligence heroes generally focus on casting spells and activated abilities.
  • Strength governs your health and health regeneration rate. Strength heroes are generally tougher and focus on close range melee combat.

Items and Shopping reviews the purpose of buying items. Keep in mind that ALL heroes benefit from all three attributes in some way.

  1. Move to the well of life to start the shopping tutorial. You will notice that your health and mana will start to replenish while in the well
  2. Right click the shop to open the item purchase window. Item components on the left and item recipes on the right.
  3. To purchase a recipe you must purchase all of its corresponding components. You can easily do so by selecting the recipe and clicking on the items that load in the slide out window. Keep mind mind that you must have room in your inventory for all items but the last item in order for them to combine. Once you purchase the last item of a recipe the item will auto combine properly for you.
  4. Next the tutorial will have you proceed to purchasing out of the recommended item shop. This is a good place for you to see what items are recommended for your hero of choice. Keep in mind that this is not set in stone and as you progress through gaming you may find a build that works better for you.
  5. After you purchase the fortified bracelet the tutorial will move into explaining the "Secret Shops" and "Out Post." Keep in mind not all items can be purchased at your well. Items marked with a safe can be purchased while you are not in your well cannot be equipped until you move back to your well. Items that are stored in your stash can be moved to your main inventory by right clicking the item and moving it. This is a good way to keep from losing gold, if you die from a hero kill. Items greyed out can not be purchased at your current location.

Gold and Experience are earned by killing enemy creeps, heroes buildings and neutral creeps.

  • Neutral creeps are non roaming creeps that either side can kill to earn gold and experience."
  • The best way to earn gold and experience is by killing the opposing teams heroes. This also has a negative effect on them. They lose time due to the respawn process as well as a percentage of gold they have on their hero. This is why I do recommend purchasing items even if you are not at your well.
  • Next the tutorial will explain what we refer to as a "carry" hero in the game. This is a hero that starts out weak and becomes very powerful towards the end game. We will work on compiling a list of "carry" heroes.
  • Destorying enemy towers and buildings gives your entire team bonus gold. The hero that lands the last hit on the tower will receive an additional bonus for killing the tower. Also remember you can deny your teams own towers, buildings and creeps to keep the other team from getting the gold. This is done by holding the A key and clicking the building when it is down to 5% remaining health.

Laning Phase is the explanation of staying near the creep battles in the maps different "lanes" to assure you are getting experience when a creep dies. If you get too far away you will not get experience. This tutorial is the best over all as it will give you a great understanding of the general mechanics of the game progression.

  1. Follow the creeps to the green circle and prepare for battle.
  2. Avoid taking damage during this phase. The more you run back to heal at your life pool the less experience you will get. As you learn the different heroes you will understand what they can do against you. At low levels never let creeps beat on you as they do quite a bit of damage and can block your path to get away.
  3. Avoid auto attacking as much as you can. Avoid auto attacking by moving around or hitting the H key to "hold ground." Only concentrate on getting that kill blow or deny blow so you can get experience or keep your enemy from getting the experience. Also this game is alot about position. Watch where you are geographically as some heroes are very good at ambushing from behind.
  4. Harass the enemy hero that the tutorial spawns. This is a good time to practice denies and getting use to the "jousting" technique used by many in Heroes of Newerth.
  5. When at attacking an enemy hero with creeps around you will draw the attention of the creeps and they may attack you. This is a nice way to get the enemy creeps closer to your towers and in a easier location to attack.
  6. Destroy the enemies ranged and melee barracks to increase the power and strength of your teams own creeps. When you are this point it is always recommended to destroy the melee barracks first.

Overall this tutorial was a great addition to the HON game. Many people get very frustrated with not understanding how to do the basic things and flat out quit. One thing to keep in mind, is this tutorial does not teach you the lingo as well as unspoken rules. One unspoken rule to keep in mind is never to Backdoor or BD. This is when you enter and damage the opposing teams buildings with out having any creeps in there. Always make sure you have creeps with you when destroying towers or buildings.

I hope this little run down helps. See you in game!

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