HoN and Ventrilo

by JarrodP on May.26, 2010, under News

Heroes of Newerth and Ventrilo?

So my curiosity has gotten the best of me. My friends and I use Ventrilo all the time for Heroes of Newerth, but anyone else I run across and ask does not. I have put together this little poll to find out some responses. Please take the time to fill it out, no registration is required.

Do you currently use Ventrilo for HoN?

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Personally, I have been using Ventrilo in every game I have played. I really could not think of gaming, raiding or competing with out Ventrilo. PLUG INCOMING! I am going to give a shout out as they have amazing Ventrilo Servers.


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New Hero, "The Chipper," Basic Strategy Guide

by JarrodP on Apr.10, 2010, under Guides, News

Introduction To Heroes of Newerth - The Chipper

HoN Chipper HeroEveryone say welcome to the brand new legion intelligence hero, The Chipper. I consider him a skill shot ganker. Well a skillshot is something like engineer's keg, pharoah's soul and ultimate, e.t.c. The key being that you have to manually target where it will hit and try to hit the enemy with it. Not as simple as targeting the enemy and pressing the button, some skill is involved. This hero is a new S2 original design, and as every new hero has seen, he will be repeatedly balanced and tweaked to fit more and more into the current metagame.

Chipper Skills

HON Rocket Barrage SkillRocket Barrage - This skill levels up initally like pandamonium's flurry and slithers wards, as you level it up you gain charges to a maximum of 3. This skill is a long range nuke. being 3000 units away and moving faster than valkyrie's arrow, this skill will hit the first enemy it can. It can be used to stop channels since you can fire a barrage relatively quickly and each hit will ministun the target. Perfect for countering Electrician grab. It is best to conserve rockets until higher levels or if you can spam your bottle courier enough since it does drain your mana quite a bit. Keep in mind, the further away you are the more damage this skill does. So try not to stand right next to the person while you are firing. Save it for a killshot.

HON Tartoss SkillTar Toss - Again a skill that requires a bit of skill to hit, since whoever you hit with it at first will only be counted, people walking into the aoe afterwards are not subject to the slow. It is easier to land this when someone is stunned or disabled as you need to keep this centered on the target for max effect. Another good thing to remember about tar toss, if you can hit them with a rocket while they have the tar toss debuff on, they will 'burn', meaning that they will take damage over time for the duration of the slow. Tar toss also debuffs the targets attack speed, so save this for their carry.

HON Focus Buffer SkillFocus Buffer - This skill is similar to dissipate, one of sand wraith's abilities, but this skill only counts for 20% of all magic damage. The person you cast this skill on will take 20% reduced damage from magic and then it will be reflected to every enemy in the area. This skill stays on a person for 2x the cooldown, so make sure you are putting this on at least 2 people during teamfights..

HON Sawblade Showdown SkillSawblade Showdown - This ultimate also requires a bit of skill to use, but has a lot more usefulness than just dealing damage. Sawblade slowdown uses vector targeting, which allows you to place it any direction you want. Think of how Behemoth uses his Fissure. Block enemies from leaving the area and your team can have easy kills. This combined with your other skills can deal a lot of damage to unsuspecting enemies. Enemies hit by this ultimate are dealt initial damage, continuous damage for standing in the ult and then take damage over time for 'bleeding' damage when they touch the saw blades.
NOTE: Using the Chipper's ULT is not as simple as point and click. You must click, hold and drag in the direction you want the ult to land. Tricky at first but once you get a hang of it, drop it and tar them.

Item Build

Since The Chipper is a ganker/support hero, you should buy a courier or ward with him, while getting your basic minor totems, health regen and a few mana potions in the beginning since rocket barrage is even more mana intensive in the beginning than later. After you should get armor boots, and then immediately get nomes since without it you wont be able to be much help to teammates if you cant get your spells off due to lack of mana. A Bottle (3/3) is also valid on him after boots, as it will help farming Nome's Wisdom. Once you have your nomes, continue to build mana regen/disabling items, such as Stormspirit and Kuldra's Sheepstick. Now you can start your luxury items can range from things like Portal Key, Sacrificial Stone, and Puzzlebox.


The Chipper's rockets have range far enough to check runes from middle lane, they also have the range to harass enemies and stop channeling from distances that the enemy can never get you at. As a ganker type hero you need excellent map awareness, your rockets help you with that. Your rockets are spammable allowing you to scout out area before you or your team go in, such as the forest's, lanes, or secret shop paths. Your tartoss/sawblade showdown/Rocket Barrage combo can completely devastate a team in a large fight.

Since people will want to avoid the sawblade's you should keep this in mind when placing it, best on top of as many people as you can at first to get the initial damage. When teams and standing off use your rockets to harass the enemy team and give you team an idea as to where they are so your initiator can go in with a good idea where people are. Do not forget to keep your focus buffer up on the characters who are likely to be targeted by nukes, it could win you the fight and save their lives. Your best laning partners and team makeup consists of people with aoe stuns and multiple disables.

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New Heroes of Newerth Hero Phade?

by JarrodP on Mar.24, 2010, under News

According to Heroes of Newerth Facebook page, we are in for a new hero! If you see anything let us know so we can get the info up.

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HON Ophelia Introduction

by JarrodP on Mar.22, 2010, under Guides, News

Introduction to Heroes of Newerth Ophelia

Heroes of Newerth Ophelia

I know many people may be wondering, "Who the heck is Ophelia? I have rarely seen her played and I don't know one thing about her!" Well, here is the low-down on the fantastic support character.


Hon Opehlia Nature's WrathNature's Wrath - Ophelia unleashes the powers of nature on a target enemy unit, slowing it. When the effects expire, the target unit will take additional damage equal to a percentage of the damage taken while the effect was active.

Hon Ophelia's JudgmentOphelia's Judgment - Ophelia judges a target unit, dealing variable damage to it if it's an enemy, or teleporting it to safety if it's an ally. Instantly teleports units that Ophelia controls

HON Ophelia's CommandCommand - Ophelia takes command of a non-boss NPC's mind, gaining control of it. Units under Ophelia's command gain increased Health, Health regeneration, and Mana regeneration.

HON Ophelia's TouchOphelia's Touch - Ophelia's love for living creatures allows her to conjure up powerful healing magic, healing all allied heroes on the map and fully regenerating units under her command.

The skills are pretty self explanatory. Nature's Wrath slows a target and all damage done to that target is increased. This is great at the beginning of a fight or for preventing someone from getting away. Ophelia's Judgment causes damage to an enemy character or sends an allied character back to the spawn, great for saving your allied heroes lives. Command takes control of a non-boss enemy NPC and gives them a boost to life. And Ophelia's Touch heals all controlled NPCs and all allies. This is great for preventing deaths of allies and allowing them to keep in their lane to keep pushing a tower.


Ophelia is dependent on her mana-regen ability and her life pool. She can be very squishy and she uses mana like it is going out of style. Also her ultimate has a long cool-down which can be reduced by the Staff of the Masters. My suggestion is to get some Talisman of Exile, Nome's Wisdom, Plated Greaves, Astrolabe, and Staff of the Masters. This item combination will make you the perfect support character. You will be granting both life and mana regen. You can heal your allies twice, once with your ultimate and once with Astrolabe. You give your allies a good boost to armor. And then if you have the money go for Whispering Helm, this will allow you to get one more creep.


My perfect trio for creeps is Wolfman Commander (+30% base damage aura) Minotaur Champion (+15 Attack Speed Aura) and Vagabond Leader (+3 Health Regen Aura). This will not only significantly increase your own damage and survivability, but when you get in those fights it will greatly help your allies as well. The damage aura's paired with that of Andromeda, or Moonqueen, or Arachna will make your team incredibly powerful.

Have fun and good luck


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Sig Competition Winners

by JarrodP on Nov.15, 2009, under News

There has been many outstanding designs which made choosing only 2 winners a difficult job.

I apologize for the delay in announcing the winners. Here they are:


By Berra_la


By TurboShadow

Some other designs we really liked:

and few more from Dewatempur, Bl3zzy, XTR

Again it was tough decision to make, we basically had to choose 2 winners from all the sigs mentioned above.

Don't worry if you didn't win, we will be hosting more HoN related events in the near future.

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Sig competition is now closed!

by JarrodP on Nov.10, 2009, under News

Sig Design Competition is now closed.

The winner will be announced and notified within 3 days :)

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Sig Design Competition – Win free pre-purchased account & ebay item

by JarrodP on Oct.24, 2009, under News

Sig Design Competition 2009 is hosting a forum signature design competition, prizes will be awarded to the most creative/stylish signature!

Specification -
  • The signature must be generated through the sig generator system at
  • There are no other limitations, everything else is up to your creative use of the system and your artisitic skills

How to enter -

Reply to the forum post at with the following information

Link to Signature Image: ie.
Your HoN username:
Your email addrses:

If you would like to make a private entry, email your application to

Only ONE entry can be submitted by each individual.

Winners -

Two winners will be decided by the Hon Armory management team. Winners will be announced on the website and contacted after the competition ends.
The first place winner will be able to choose which prize he/she wants, then the remaining prize goes to the second winner.

Prize 1 - Free pre-purchased account which is eligible for custom name change.
Prize 2 - Your choice of any item from ebay under US$15.

Duration -

Starts 24 Octoboer 2009, ends 9 Novemeber 2009 11:00 PM PST

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We are back

by JarrodP on Oct.22, 2009, under News

After few days of down time, I'm glad to announce that Hon Armory is back with full functions!

We are now on a dedicated server, thank you if you have donated

We will still require on-going support from the community to keep the website going :)

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We need your help

by JarrodP on Oct.21, 2009, under News

We have just secured a new server, the signature service should be back up within 1~2 days!

The sig generator service is temporarily disabled due to overloading the server.

We need you help to move this website to a new server.

The monthly cost would be around $50, if you really like our service, please contribute by donating so we can purchase new hosting and transfer the website ASAP.

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