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Strider's weather mod v1.7
Strider's weather mod. Make it snow or make it rain.
Author: Strider
Downloads: 6768
Updated: 08/05/2010
Rating: 4.78
DemonHand Range Circles vUnknown
Shows you the Hand Range for Soul Stealer
Author: Unknown
Downloads: 175
Updated: 08/05/2010
Rating: 3.46
Banlist Assist v0.10
This tool is designed to make banning easier and to improve the overall quality of bans by automatically providing pertinent information
Author: Ice_Phoenix
Downloads: 6100
Updated: 08/05/2010
Rating: 5.00
Rune Timer Mod v1.1
Team Chat's "Rune in 15 Seconds" when runes about to spawn everytime.
Author: Picklefish
Downloads: 16620
Updated: 30/09/2009
Rating: 3.47
Easy Chat Toggle v0.2.0
This mod changes the All/Team chat drop down box to a simple toggle button that switches between the two
Author: MaxGhost
Downloads: 1666
Updated: 26/09/2009
Rating: 4.00
Persistent 'Create Game' Settings v1.1
Saves settings used for creating games even after exit
Author: Darkager
Downloads: 1082
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 3.20
Announcer Mod v0.1.0
A mod that changes all the announcer phrases to the same ones used in DotA. Also changes the in-game phrases as well.
Author: Kizozen
Downloads: 4386
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 3.75
Arachna Autocast Toggle v0.1.0
This mod makes it so pressing Q as Arachna will toggle the autocast on/off for her Webbed shot
Author: Ape3000
Downloads: 8019
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 2.25
Right-Click Close Notifications v1.0
A simple mod that allows you to close notifications by right clicking them
Author: MaxGhost
Downloads: 1827
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 3.00
Encyclopedia v1.0
This mod adds a small encyclopedia window to the Clan & Community Panel allowing you to quickly access detailed information about heroes, items and chat terms anywhere in the game.
Author: Notausgang
Downloads: 3637
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 4.00
In-Game Font Size Mod v1.0
Changes the size of the in-game text (Font10)
Author: pollotedax
Downloads: 1044
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 2.75
Automatic Ability Learning v1.1
A mod that allows you to queue up abilities to automatically learn whenever you level.
Author: Notausgang
Downloads: 6852
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 3.55
Improved UI v1.05
A super customizable interface mod by Barter
Author: Barter
Downloads: 10803
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 3.51
Single Draft List v3.0
Adds a button that lists your hero picks in Single Draft mode
Author: Eccentrikit
Downloads: 1280
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 3.41
Choose your Destiny v1.0
Adds a 'Choose your Destiny' sound effect when you enter the hero select screen
Author: Fitzfuchs
Downloads: 4830
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 3.37
Minimap Right-Click v0.1.0
Adds a button for toggling on/off being able to right-click the minimap
Author: MaxGhost
Downloads: 3558
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 3.51
Channel Loader v0.1.2
Allows you to auto-join up to six channels.
Author: blackAngel88
Downloads: 433
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 3.50
V.O.I.P Slider v1.0
Adds boxes that slide onto the screen when an ally talks. The boxes are color coded and have the player and hero names.
Author: MaxGhost
Downloads: 2168
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 3.57
No Questions Asked v1.0
Adds a button to the top right corner that will instantly disconnect you when left clicked and instantly exit the game when you right click with no questions asked.
Author: eNTi
Downloads: 678
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 3.56
PSR Filter in Game Lobby v1.3
Allowing you to get rid of the people not within the PSR range you specify!
Author: Fatal510
Downloads: 1782
Updated: 24/09/2009
Rating: 3.35
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