Demented Shaman Strategy Introduction

by JarrodP on Mar.31, 2010, under Guides

Demented Shaman Introduction

Heroes of Newerth Demented ShamanDemented Shaman is a probably a character that either gets banned in a draft or used quite a bit. DS's versitality is the main reason why he gets banned. He can snare, heal and basically carry a team on its back in a battle.

Demented Shaman Skills

HON EntangleEntangle - This skill is one of many uses, primarily used for ganking with its slow, or stopping a channel with its dual stun. The skill with first cast a ministun on the target, slow them for a few seconds before stunning them again, afterwards it deals a physical damage over time (dot) to the target for every several seconds and can not be debuffed. My strategy is to level this to 3 and finish it off to 4 in late game.

HON Arcane HideArcane Hide - Despite what others may think, this skill is the bread and butter of saving your team or yourself and what makes Demeneted Shaman immensely strong in higher tier games when it is used effectively. This skill protects the target for 5 charges to a maximum total of 100 damage per level of all non-dot dmg from towers, bosses and heroes. So at level 4 it will protect an ally or youself from 400 dmg, that would cut a pyro's ult at lvl 3 in half before magic armor is applied. Simply said, cast this often and on as many people you can.

HON Healing WaveHealing Wave - I cannot count how many times I have recieved a double kill first blood from this skill. To most this is a healing spell, and that it is, but it bounces from target to target within a small radius. Then it either heals or damages the target depending on enemy or ally. At max level it will bounce between 5 targets doing physical damage! So that swiftblade spinning in the middle of 5 creeps isn't immune to it. Keep this in mind as I have seen many noob casters or Scout say "WTF" after trying to cast their ults on a spinning Swiftblade.

HON Storm CloudStorm Cloud - The Holy Grail of Ultimates. Storm Cloud either adds armor to your ally's or takes armor away from your enemies of everyone caught in the cloud. This has an increase effect over time. It starts off at 1 for the first second, and for each second the skill lasts it will either increase or decrease it. Storm Cloud has an amazing range on it, and is great for using right before your team runs in since it best works 10+ seconds into it.

Demented Shaman Item Builds

Starting the game with Demented Shaman, buy a courier or if someone else has get wards. Get a few Minor Totem and some mana regen, and support your carry by harrassing the opposition with Entangle and auto attacks. Your first priority should be Nome's Wisdom, followed by Ghost Marchers and Astrolabe. After astrolabe it is time to go big or go home. Get your self either Puzzlebox, Hellflower, Kuldra's Sheepstick. Played effectively this character will make or break a good team.


Demented Shaman is a support/babysitter, he does not carry, but he does push lanes very fast with his healing wave. In teamfights he is to stay back out of the action and just constantly heal considering it has a 9 second cooldown, and entagle the people trying to get away, or get to you. Dont forget to start the teamfight off with Storm Cloud. Remember this ulti has a positive effect on your team as well as negative on your foe, so use it even if no enemies are around. Always arcane hide the first guy to go in, then after that protect and keep you carry alive. You are to be the last one out of the teamfight and should not be afraid to die to save your carry. If you can not stomach this game play, do not pick this hero as you will ruin the night of your teammates. Good luck and have fun.


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  • DaBigBOSS

    i agree that demented cant be a good carry but if you get certian items he can tank for the carry and distract people for teh cary to finish.
    in a recent game it was 3v5 and i was demented witht he item build below we were able to win the team was demented witch slayer valykrie verses
    dark lady legionare pyromancer slithier and ophelia the kills were
    vaylkrie 20 kills
    demented 12 kills
    wtich 15 kills

    we rocked them and it helped that once i got frostwolfs skull i didnt die after that that item makes u pratically invinceble with its slow u auto hit or entangle them if ur low on hp run awy with marchers heal arcane hide run back ult attk atkk atkk heal attk atkk atkk DEAD! but u prolly heal as muchh as u can but ya demented is the perfect person to put with a carry in the same lane
    -nome wisdom
    -frostwolf skull

  • JarrodP

    Nice feedback. Will look at trying this build later. I think DS is under played. We do have some nice updates coming to the site, so you can show your builds. Both graphically and with hoverovers.

  • Trees

    Shaman i agree is underplayed but in my games hes in every game if not banned, his heal can doo 1000+ dmg to targets around it and his stun/snare is great for ganking. there are times i play demeneted as a carry and i can steamroll a team, for this i get nomes, shieldbreaker or frostwolf, puzzlebox lvl 3, and just keep buying wards.
    with that lineup i have map control and i am always ganking, prety much what i should be doing carrying or not. with the excpetion i do 200+ dmg a hit with the best attack animation in the game :P

  • Vibgyor

    I just played DS today and I honestly kicked ass, lol.

    For my final item set I got: Ghost Marchers, Sheestick, Storm Spirit and Staff of the Master. If we had more time i'd have made a Behemoth's Heart and A Mock of Brilliance but we won before I made the last 2.

    Final Stats: 5/6/26

    Things to remember when playing DS:
    -dont ks hero kills, YOU ARE A SUPPORT
    -in ganks don't expect kills(all my kills were accidental kills where i was just attacking normally and when i healed our carry)
    -gank a lot. A LOT

  • Karvanekonn

    Hello, well i would like to say that the guide was nice and stuff, but it quite isnt right that DS cant carry, i've been playing him as a carry for ~20 games and almost all games, my KDR was over 6, so yeah.
    Great guide tho xd!

  • JarrodP


    Thank you for the feedback. What item build are you doing?

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  • Del

    So i played DS the other day, aside from boots i went hellflower, riftshards, doombringer. I was hitting for 1300 crits. It was fun.

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