New Hero, "The Chipper," Basic Strategy Guide

by JarrodP on Apr.10, 2010, under Guides, News

Introduction To Heroes of Newerth - The Chipper

HoN Chipper HeroEveryone say welcome to the brand new legion intelligence hero, The Chipper. I consider him a skill shot ganker. Well a skillshot is something like engineer's keg, pharoah's soul and ultimate, e.t.c. The key being that you have to manually target where it will hit and try to hit the enemy with it. Not as simple as targeting the enemy and pressing the button, some skill is involved. This hero is a new S2 original design, and as every new hero has seen, he will be repeatedly balanced and tweaked to fit more and more into the current metagame.

Chipper Skills

HON Rocket Barrage SkillRocket Barrage - This skill levels up initally like pandamonium's flurry and slithers wards, as you level it up you gain charges to a maximum of 3. This skill is a long range nuke. being 3000 units away and moving faster than valkyrie's arrow, this skill will hit the first enemy it can. It can be used to stop channels since you can fire a barrage relatively quickly and each hit will ministun the target. Perfect for countering Electrician grab. It is best to conserve rockets until higher levels or if you can spam your bottle courier enough since it does drain your mana quite a bit. Keep in mind, the further away you are the more damage this skill does. So try not to stand right next to the person while you are firing. Save it for a killshot.

HON Tartoss SkillTar Toss - Again a skill that requires a bit of skill to hit, since whoever you hit with it at first will only be counted, people walking into the aoe afterwards are not subject to the slow. It is easier to land this when someone is stunned or disabled as you need to keep this centered on the target for max effect. Another good thing to remember about tar toss, if you can hit them with a rocket while they have the tar toss debuff on, they will 'burn', meaning that they will take damage over time for the duration of the slow. Tar toss also debuffs the targets attack speed, so save this for their carry.

HON Focus Buffer SkillFocus Buffer - This skill is similar to dissipate, one of sand wraith's abilities, but this skill only counts for 20% of all magic damage. The person you cast this skill on will take 20% reduced damage from magic and then it will be reflected to every enemy in the area. This skill stays on a person for 2x the cooldown, so make sure you are putting this on at least 2 people during teamfights..

HON Sawblade Showdown SkillSawblade Showdown - This ultimate also requires a bit of skill to use, but has a lot more usefulness than just dealing damage. Sawblade slowdown uses vector targeting, which allows you to place it any direction you want. Think of how Behemoth uses his Fissure. Block enemies from leaving the area and your team can have easy kills. This combined with your other skills can deal a lot of damage to unsuspecting enemies. Enemies hit by this ultimate are dealt initial damage, continuous damage for standing in the ult and then take damage over time for 'bleeding' damage when they touch the saw blades.
NOTE: Using the Chipper's ULT is not as simple as point and click. You must click, hold and drag in the direction you want the ult to land. Tricky at first but once you get a hang of it, drop it and tar them.

Item Build

Since The Chipper is a ganker/support hero, you should buy a courier or ward with him, while getting your basic minor totems, health regen and a few mana potions in the beginning since rocket barrage is even more mana intensive in the beginning than later. After you should get armor boots, and then immediately get nomes since without it you wont be able to be much help to teammates if you cant get your spells off due to lack of mana. A Bottle (3/3) is also valid on him after boots, as it will help farming Nome's Wisdom. Once you have your nomes, continue to build mana regen/disabling items, such as Stormspirit and Kuldra's Sheepstick. Now you can start your luxury items can range from things like Portal Key, Sacrificial Stone, and Puzzlebox.


The Chipper's rockets have range far enough to check runes from middle lane, they also have the range to harass enemies and stop channeling from distances that the enemy can never get you at. As a ganker type hero you need excellent map awareness, your rockets help you with that. Your rockets are spammable allowing you to scout out area before you or your team go in, such as the forest's, lanes, or secret shop paths. Your tartoss/sawblade showdown/Rocket Barrage combo can completely devastate a team in a large fight.

Since people will want to avoid the sawblade's you should keep this in mind when placing it, best on top of as many people as you can at first to get the initial damage. When teams and standing off use your rockets to harass the enemy team and give you team an idea as to where they are so your initiator can go in with a good idea where people are. Do not forget to keep your focus buffer up on the characters who are likely to be targeted by nukes, it could win you the fight and save their lives. Your best laning partners and team makeup consists of people with aoe stuns and multiple disables.

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  • JarrodP

    Playing with a new build on chipper.

    Build order:

    Plated Greaves
    Elder Parasite
    Charged Hammer

    Get your attack speed thru the roof on this guy and its GG.

  • Snarve

    I'll try your new build as soon I get to play chipper again =)

    Maiby you should tell in your guide that you have to 'drag' your ulti, beceause I heard a lot of people saying that chippers ulti 'doesn't work' coz they didn't drag the direction.

  • Anon

    This is my favourite hero in the game so far, he is so much fun and he is so powerful early game.

  • Trees

    "Sawblade slowdown uses vector targeting, which allows you to place it any direction you want. "

    i think i said right there that it require you to click and drag it in whatever direction you want. thats the point of vector targetting =]

  • JarrodP

    Great feedback. Updating it now.

  • Chipper

    Couple points.
    First the reduction in rocket is only if you are standing basically in melee range. so don't stand in mellee range.
    Second plated greaves? are you joking? get some HP boots. Seriously.
    Third focus buffer is a terrible skill to get early game. The chipper is about a million times more effective if he grabs stats over focus buffer until at LEAST level 16. You should really mention that. It just won't save your team and his low mana and hp is just really hard to overcome without stats.
    My suggested build.
    grab yourself the basic building blocks for your gnomes and some runes to heal. soon as you can grab your totem out of the side shop. then boots. finish gnomes, finish boots, then go cyclone stick. sometimes you pick up a mana battery, based on who you lane against. Then you can luxury, though i choose sheep every time.
    reasons for this build. it gives him the mana he needs to get some early kills, then it gives him the hp he needs to keep up, then it lets him gank 1v1, because cyclone + tar+ ult+ rockets in a row = ridiculous.

  • JarrodP

    Very interesting feedback. I will try this, this weekend.


  • Trees

    appreciate your points and most are valid, but stormspirit isnt needed on him as critical as most people think, nomes first is a good thing for him, and yes plated greaves. armor > hp. as for ganking. he ganks with teamates, tar. 3 rockets. and a few auto attacks and they will drop.

    p.s you need to gank around lvl 6, ganking afterwards does not prove helpful to your team since its not gonna stop carries farm when you try to solo gank them they will turn around on you. please try to remember i speak from competitive experience and everything i suggest is based off what i have seen and done in games.

  • Chipper

    Ganking with a team is part of the reason cyclone stick is core on him. He has no hard disable, it sets up their carry for your tar and ult, while your team can focus on the rest.
    I'm going to respectfully disagree about the Plated Greaves. And as far as ganking with a team, those few auto attacks will come out a bit faster.
    Also when a carry tries to turn on you and you drop your tar, ult and rockets even they have to run. Although why you would go ganking without your stun/slow partner I don't know, it's almost silly. I just put the 1v1 part in there because it can be done with cyclone (Stormspirit). i really think you are underestimating cyclone. Especially because of how cheap it is for a disable.

  • loller

    The best build u can possably go is getting your regen such as Nome's Wisdom and then rushing frostfield plate and blink. HP items are unnecissary since you just wait outside the battle blink in, frostfield, tar and ulti. The tar and frostfield stack resulting in the maximum slow allowed. Your ulti will hit the enemies for a much longer duration and rsulting in easy kills.Following this build, hat-tricks and quad kills can be easily achieved. P.s Frostfieldplate > Stormspirit since its aoe, which is what this hero is all about.

  • doc

    hmm. so i go for a completly different build: mana battery ghost marchers + staff of master. try to go mid nuke the enemy 2-3 times gank once top and bot so you are able to buy your staff at 22min ... always try to be in range to teamfight action to get stacks on mana battery and spam. place your ulti well is gg in every teamfight

  • doc

    i've forgotten something: i played this build 30-40 times and i'm very often the match winner. the carries can farm woods and they are not needed to win team fights until lategame. i saw a lot of games which were a win at 25min and when it is not a win at 25min then the carry is farmed and pwns everyone

  • TheChipprel

    I do

    Ghost Marchers
    Staff of the Master
    Sacrificial Stone

    at the end of SS I usually am at endgame


    LOL.. I wonder why but with all the builds you guys came up with seems squishy to me, and if u wanna be a ganker u should've used strider instead of other boots, it helps u move from lane to lane faster, and u won't rly neep tp. and also get a blood chalice early game to keep your mana pool from being depleted too soon. and u should play aggresive early game as your rockets (combined with tar) FUCKING HURTS. The next item SHOULD be sacrificial stone because usually the enemies target u so u don't spam your rocket or ult. After that u can get your Staff of the Master and I guarantee it'll be so damn easy to farm once you have sacrificial stone. Because u can last around 35++ sec in a team fight and can land at least 2 ult. And there are some peops who want to go staff right away before sacrificial stone for the extra range and slow, but I think it's not rly needed early-mid game cuz u have tar toss. if u have a disable in ur team, then it's brilliant.

  • Satyr

    specc rockets and tar at the start, buy bottle, ghosts and spellshards lvl 3.

    dunno anymore cause i allways win by then..

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